6 Signs Someone Is Good For You

We can usually tell when someone is bad for us. They might be toxic and leave us feeling drained after an interaction, or they might show bad behaviors. Marking red flags is an important skill, but what about the green flags?

How can we tell that a person is really good for us and bringing something positive into our lives? Here are six signs to watch out for.

You feel more natural

The first sign is that you feel more natural and at ease when interacting with them. They inspire you to share things about yourself, and you feel more authentic, rather than as if you had to hide or change some things to fit in.

If you share aspects of who you are, you don’t feel judged and instead want to share more, because you feel welcome. Feeling like you can truly be yourself is a very important sign that someone is a good person to have in your life.

They bring you peace

The world is a chaotic place. It is full of bad things and uncomfortable environments, often pushing us beyond our comfort zone. Many people make us feel nervous, worried, or tense. But the right people for us will usually bring us a sense of peace and tranquility.

Of course, we might have our disagreements and issues, just like with everyone else, however, for the most part, they help us feel calm. We can express what we want without feeling concerned for what might happened. They are a safe haven in a stormy world.

There is no ego standing between you

Many people in our lives feel more like rivals. We have to best them, show them, outdo them. However, those who are good for us don’t feel like rivals. We might be inspired to do better, but there is no ego that gets in the way of this relationship.

Instead, you feel like you can be vulnerable with this person and show your softer side. You don’t need to keep up appearances of being amazing or having all things work out your way.

Vulnerability is important to build deep relationships, and we can’t truly allow ourselves to show this aspect if our ego is too big. When we are puffed up, we can’t connect with the other person. A good person is someone who allows you to relax and show that you are imperfect, as all of us are.

They encourage your dreams

A good person will support your dreams. They might warn you off the wrong path or tell you about difficulties they anticipate, but they will also show a lot of pride and pleasure in your accomplishments. They will not try to keep you down and will show that they believe in you.

People who hurt you are those who try to limit you in unhealthy ways. A good friend might warn you if they see danger, but they will not try to keep you from pursuing what you want. Instead, they will cheer you on.

They are invested in having a relationship with you

Any good relationship has a balance, and both people want to invest into and nurture this bond. Someone who is sure to add a positive to your life is someone who also shows that they are interested in building a relationship with you and also show that they care for you.

Even somebody who seems to be amazing is not worth it if they don’t care for you or are not reciprocating what you offer. This can be a sure way for an unbalanced relationship that might leave you feeling used and exhausted.

They communicate

A person who is good for you is someone who will communicate their feelings and ideas, as well as the needs and expectations they have. They will not expect you to read their mind. Instead, these are people who will always be able to talk to you about things.

Difficult conversations are not fun, but they are usually necessary. To have someone who is good for you means having a person who you can talk to and who will be able to talk to you when they need it.