7 Habits to ‘Gain Respect’ in a Group

Gaining respect in a group is essential, and almost every person wants to remain favorite to gain respect in a group. This is something which not comes to you by just WANTING as you have to adopt certain habits to be a respectful person in the gathering.

Here are 7 habits through which you will be able to gain more respect in your life!

Be an Open-Minded Person

You cannot gain a good reputation until or unless you develop an open mind and a non-judgemental approach towards every person and situation. People have different opinions, and you cannot earn appreciation until you learn to agree with different views.

Even if you do not agree, never oppose them directly and do not judge the things according to your perception as it hurts others, and people will avoid you.


Humbleness is a great human trait that comes by following the high values. People always appreciate and give respect to those who have a humble nature and do not tease others by telling excessively about their achievements. Without seeking acclaim, talk with people in a normal way and let them feel nothing unusual about you by showing arrogance or any other negative trait like this. It will bring a positive impact on your socialization.

Listen Properly

Listening is a high power that everyone cannot possess, but who succeeds in learning this will surely win many hearts. People like to be listened to by others. Learn to listen to others carefully as it is one of the great habits to gain respect in a group.

Do not interrupt while they are speaking as it conveys a negative impact on your personality, and people also avoid to talk with such persons. Do not just listen but also give proper attention as it indicates that you are valuing the opinion of the speaker.

Good body language

“Actions Speak Louder than Words”

is a perfect saying to elaborate on the importance of actions that we usually call body language. In a gathering, be careful about your body actions and movements as they say a lot about your personality.

Do not be an act in a way that you look over-confident or also not too shy. Develop a good eye contact with others, maintain a proper posture with purposeful walking, and use suitable hand movements while talking with others. This will presents you as a confident person to which people will give respect instead of suppressing or avoiding.

Talk Carefully

Your words reflect your personality, and this is the point where you need to be extra careful, especially in the group. Along with listening, your speaking capabilities should also be excellent enough to catch the attention of others. People who speak too little or too much are not well-liked.

Not in every matter, your opinion is required, so analyze the situation before speaking anything as either your words will gain worth in a certain situation or not. This careful talking and use of words will you a respectful person in the eyes of others.

Don’t be fake

Be who you are! Commonly, people adopt alien dressing, talking, and walking style to look unique. Remember that it is your generosity and ethical traits that earn you the desired respect and not a fake appearance. Do not try to be the one who you are not in reality.

Your self-presentation must be good as dressing according to the occasion, nice hairstyle, grooming, and more, but there should not be the element of fakeness in all this. Your actions and words should also be genuine, as people will more appreciate this.

Give respect to others

“The quickest way to shatter your reputation and lose respect is by speaking or behaving disrespectfully to someone else.”

You cannot gain respect in a group until you know how to give it to others. You must learn to give respect to other words, thoughts, and opinions if you expect the same from the other side.

No matter how poorly the other person is behaving, you must not lose your temperament and respectful attitude, and you will see that it will make a huge difference, and people will highly admire you for this.