7 Ways to Avoid Boredom in Relationship

A long-lasting relationship can be very satisfying. It allows us to truly get to know the other person and develop a bond unlike any other. However, a romantic relationship that goes on for a while has a higher risk of growing stale and becoming too routine, which often means it becomes too boring.

Here are seven ways to keep it fresh and fun.

1. Add some humour

Laughter is the best medicine, at least, for boredom. Bringing humour and fun into the relationship can help stave off the monotony, so make sure you do activities that make both of you laugh. Adding humour also means not taking everything so seriously. Don’t just talk about serious matters with a serious face – leave some room for silliness.

2. Surprise each other

Some people hate surprises, but if your partner is not one of them, creating surprises and fun experiences can be a great way to prevent boredom.

Plan outings, get gifts, or prepare activities that will help you share something fun with your partner. Of course, it’s important to make sure the surprise will be welcome and not interfere with, say, a huge workload, but when you can pull it off, the results will be great.

3. Share activities together

As adults, we all have our responsibilities and tasks, many of which we do separately. But it’s important to have activities that regularly bring us together with our partner. You might go out for a walk every day or every weekend to spend time and chat, join a gym or a class together, cook at least one meal, or find another situation that brings you together.

If you take it seriously and fulfil the commitment, you will understand each other better and have something fun to do each day.

4. Add Healthy competition

As long as neither of you is too competitive or a sore loser, adding a touch of competition can be a fun way to spice up the relationship. You might choose an activity or a set of tasks where you will compete against each other, for instance, exercising or daily chores.

This can motivate you to do more and also to become more playful with your partner. Keep the competition healthy and fun, and it is a great way to stave away the monotony.

5. Play games together

Playing is one of the best activities for shared fun. Find out what types of games you can play together – board games, video games, sports, or anything else that strikes you as fun.

Games add playfulness and can help you and your partner enjoy each other and discover new hobbies. Games are not just for kids, as adults can enjoy them just as much and discover a type of fun that is often missing from their lives.

6. Create your own language

A fun project is to develop your own secret language or series of signs. Wouldn’t it be great if you could signal to your partner that it’s time to go without anyone noticing? Consider how you can create and share this language to make each other feel like spies or secret agents.

A shared secret will bring you closer together and add a fun touch to even the dullest family gatherings.

7. Challenge each other

Boredom often comes from lack of growth. We might find a routine and settle into it. Providing a challenge for each other can be a good way of motivating the partner to grow.

A challenge can involve learning a new skill or changing a bad habit or anything else that can be achieved, realistically.

If you provide a challenge, also challenge yourself to complete it or to face something of comparable difficulty. Facing obstacles together can make you feel more passionate and also draw inspiration from each other.

Set a goal of eating healthier, spending less money, getting a new professional skill, and then work towards it together. You will be surprised at how exciting such a project can be. Just make sure that the challenge involves something that your partner wants to do and that can be pursued by the two of you.

Which is that one thing which is keeping boredom away in your relationship?