7 Ways to Resist Temptation

From time to time, we are faced with the challenge of doing what we do not want to do. Whether it is the temptation to eat an unhealthy meal, avoid following your workout routine, or do something else that is detrimental to your health, everyone deals with temptation every day. Therefore, learning how to resist temptation is essential to living a healthy life.

In view of this, take the time to look at the following 7 ways to resist temptation.

1. Define what you need

What are your health needs? What do you have to do to achieve optimal health? You need to define these needs if you truly want to resist temptation. Without identifying the things you need, it will be easy for you to lose your sight and fall for any temptation that comes your way. So, make sure that you determine the things that you need.

2. Focus on your needs

Many times, the temptations that we deal with are often pleasing and within our reach. Therefore, doing away with them may be a herculean task. However, one thing that you can do to resist the temptation to focus on the things you truly need to do. Your thought process will play a key role in this.

Only think about your need and cast your mind away from those things that are tempting you.

3. Always weigh the negatives and positives

In some cases, a temptation may seem too alluring to avoid, but its effects may be the only thing that can stop you from falling for it. So, before falling for the temptation to eat junk, sleep late every time or do something else that can be harmful to your health, compare the pros and cons of your action.

Are the gains from this temptation worth the things you are going to lose? You can create a list of the positives and negatives of each temptation to see if they are worthwhile or not.

In the end, you will notice that what you will gain from falling for the temptation will not be as valuable as what you will gain from it. This will encourage you to resist temptation.

4. Get rid of self-defeating thoughts

Self-defeating thoughts are those thoughts that come into our minds and tell us negative things about ourselves. These thoughts tell you about how you are a failure for not doing certain things at a particular time. The thoughts make you assume that you cannot keep up with the healthy actions that you are taking.

Hence, it will tell you to stop wasting your time and give in to the temptation. To resist temptation, identify the self-defeating thoughts you often have and see yourself as a strong, successful person that can deal with all temptations. This will psyche you up to resist all temptations.

5. Identify your triggers and avoid them

While you are dealing with your thoughts, it is equally crucial to identify those things that tempt you to do the things you ought not to do. Furthermore, avoid these things. By running away from these triggers, you will pay less attention to them; thus, resisting the temptation will be easier. In fact, you may not be tempted at all.

6. Be accountable

If it seems like your battle to resist the temptation to do certain things is not yielding good results, let someone else help you. Tell a friend or family what you want to achieve and the temptation you need to avoid. Let them know how they can help you and be always accountable to them.

For instance, if you have been warned to avoid alcohol because of your health but you tend to drink it at social outings; you can always go to any outings with your friend. This friend will always remind you why you should avoid drinking alcohol.

7. Find healthy alternatives to your temptation

What are those things you are tempted to do? Determine them and look for healthy alternatives that you can use to replace them. For instance, if you are tempted to drink carbonated drinks that can affect your health, resisting this temptation without an alternative may be difficult.

So, consider getting nutrient-filled fruit juice, green tea, coconut water, and other healthy beverages to kill off the urge to take unhealthy ones.