Affirmations: Rewire your brain

You can start the day in an inspiring way. Motivate yourself to do what you need to do as you get up.

“Today, I will be kind and show how much I respect the people around me. I will show gratitude for what they do, and I will show them kindness. I will try to be the best person I can be and show my best self to others.”

“What happened yesterday does not matter to me today. Today is a new day, and I will treat it as a fresh start. If I made a mistake yesterday, today I can learn from it. I will finish my day with no regrets because I will not repeat my mistakes. Today, I will do what I intend to do to finish my day with no guilt, remorse, or shame.”

Often, the tone of your morning will set the pattern for the entire day. If you keep hitting snooze, get up at the last possible minute, skip breakfast, you are likely to feel rushed and anxious. If you can start with success, however, your whole day can take on a positive note. An easy way to do this is to start with affirmations.

The power of affirmations lies in setting the right intention. You choose what you will do and how you will feel.
An affirmation is an agreement you make with yourself and a way of remind you of what truly matters.

Often, we spend the day reacting to the things that happen to us. This puts us at the mercy of the messages we receive or the feelings we have. An affirmation, instead, is a way of deciding what you are going to do.

How can you start with a morning affirmation? Choose what you want to get done today. What is your intention for today? What can inspire you this morning?

“Here is what I have planned for today. I will review everything I intend to do and feel confident in my ability to do it all just as I have planned.”

Take a deep breath. Look at your reflection. Repeat the affirmation. Here is what you can use to start the day in the best way possible.

First, you might take a look at your plan for today and commit to it. One affirmation that can help you is: “I have the ability to complete what I have planned for today.”

Perhaps, you often fall into old patterns, even knowing that you will not be happy about it. Here is another option to try: “Today, I will avoid the mistake of doing something I will regret tomorrow.”

If you sometimes struggle to complete your tasks, here is an affirmation for the day: “I’ll not live in guilt that I have not finished today’s task.“ You will do it. It will be completed, and you will feel free.

Visualize yourself at the end of the day, satisfied and proud of all you have done: “I’ll complete all my small goals, and I’ll go to sleep satisfied.”. Set the intention for a happy, guilt and remorse-free afternoon.

Finally, you can remind yourself to be kind to others, to avoid being irritable: “I’ll treat everyone with respect and try to become better each day.”

Start the day with the right foot by doing morning affirmations. See how much they can transform your day from the get-go!