Do you feel insecure in your relationship? (Tips to handle Insecurities)

If you feel insecure in your relationship, it’s possible that you and your partner may fight quite regularly. As you continue to wear each other down, it can be much more difficult to maintain any sense of peace in your relationship. Insecurity can often lead to unhealthy breakdowns, so it is important to consider addressing some of your insecurities and working toward strategies for the future.

Here are some of the top ways that you can work at addressing insecurity in your relationship and enjoy a healthier relationship as a result:

Live in the present, stop imagining things for the future:

Many people have extremely high hopes for the future and the idea that they could change a person. If you are unsatisfied with how your partner treats you in the relationship or the way that they are as a person, there’s a good chance that you’re going to continue being unsatisfied unless you address the issue in the now.

Make sure that you are living in the present and seeing things as they occur. Holding out for the future or in visioning a future that will not come to pass, will always leave you feeling insecure when things don’t go your way.

Living more in the present can help you to truly enjoy the time that you have with your partner without the ongoing pressure of needing to strive towards a perfect future.

When you have questions or doubts, get them out in the open:

One of the most damaging things for insecurity and her relationship is ongoing silence. When communication breaks down between you and your partner, this can leave you feeling highly insecure. If you have questions about their behavior, doubts about your relationship, or even ill feelings towards how they handle the situation, make sure that you can get these concerns out in the open.

Addressing concerns early on will ensure that there are open lines of communication between the two of you and that any issues can be handled early. Insecurity can build up when there’s a misunderstanding and when the two are unable to communicate your misunderstanding.

Give your partner enough space to thrive and breathe:

Everyone needs their own space to relax and to find time to de-stress. Focusing on giving your partner the time that they need alone can be crucial. It is easy to start feeling smothered when you are spending all of your time together, and when your partner is not getting the time, they need to reflect on their own life’s journey.

When you give your partner a bit more time to relax and work on their own emotions, it may be what is needed to open up to you and feel more thankful for your presence when you are around.

Have your own social life:

Having separate interests can be extremely important. When you simply adopt your partner’s friends, you could be losing a major part of your identity. Taking the time to continue engaging with your friends and having your own social life can be extremely important for maintaining your sense of identity.

It’s easy to start feeling insecure when you have had to change yourself so much for a relationship, and your partner has continued to live in the same manner.

Don’t snoop:

As soon as you start to distrust your partner and snoop in on their affairs, it can be next to impossible to turn back time. Snooping is a major sign of insecurity, and it can also be a massive breach of trust.

When your partner finds you going through their things or checking in on their messages regularly, they can start to resent you and feel as though they are constantly on trial because you distrust them.

Avoid snooping and ask your partner honestly about all the things you doubt and find unusual. This can often be a far better method of finding out more about their relationships and what they may be doing. You might even discover something new and interesting about your partner when they share information with you freely.

Focus on your self-esteem:

Feeling good about yourself and having self-confidence can be an attractive quality for your partner. Carrying an ongoing burden of self-confidence can make it difficult for you to see the same qualities in yourself that your partner sees in you.

Building self-esteem can mean focusing on practicing self compassion, retaining focus in aspects of your life, and working to silence your inner critic wherever possible. It can take time to build up this conference, but it’s ultimately going to be better for your insecurities in a relationship.