How to Let Go Fear of Public Speaking

A widespread problem

There are millions of people today who have an unreasonable fear of public speaking. Many of these people are professionals who are doing complicated tasks every day, and yet when it comes to public speaking, they simply cannot find the courage to step up to the podium. These otherwise, highly competent individuals will sweat profusely when they are asked to address a group of people. Their heart rate would increase to unhealthy levels, and for some, it can be a lifelong struggle to overcome the fear of public speaking.

The reality is that the fear of public speaking is one of the most commonly known fears which people are suffering. There are professional business people who have developed many strategies to substantially increase the exposure which is enjoyed by their business in the industry. Therefore they do not see the need to overcome their fear of public speaking.

Take the first step.

We all know that the journey of a 1000 miles starts with that first step. Likewise, a small child begins with that single faltering step, but as time goes by, they are quickly firm on their feet. One of the easiest ways to get into public speaking might be to start before people who are well known to you, such as family and friends. You can then gradually increase the number of people whom you are addressing until you can speak competently to a broad audience.

The size of the audience is of no real importance; all that is required is a comprehensive understanding of your chosen topic. When you’re well prepared in most cases, those flutters in the stomach will disappear very quickly.

Preparation is vital

Different people approach the issue of the fear of public speaking in different ways, but there is simply no substitute for preparation. You need to know in your heart that you have an excellent understanding of precisely what needs to be said. When you have that confidence that you are in well-known and in safe waters, then the chances are minimal that you will lose your way and fail to connect with the audience.

Millions of newcomers to public speaking understand the importance of rehearsing before making a public appearance. It is also essential to know exactly how long your presentation will take, and it is good practice to have additional material to fulfill your obligations as far as time is concerned.

Do not memorize everything.

People who memorize all of the material and then relay that information to a new audience point for point might end up sounding like a parrot or a tape recording. Nevertheless, the real professionals, when it comes to public speaking, will never fall into this trap. They will lie down the critical points of the material which they are going to share, and they will also have a few examples ready, and then they will fill out the rest as they go along.

In this way, the connection with the audience will be a lot better, and such a speaker will be respected and frequently applauded.

Break from the standard presentation trend

In large corporations, there can be a continuous string of meetings and presentations. Every second speaker will make use of bullet points as well as PowerPoint slides. These things can become extremely dull and ultimately fail to capture the attention of the audience. This is why it is better to stay away from PowerPoint presentations and instead present the material to your audience in a logical way.

It might happen that your information cannot be relayed effectively with other use of PowerPoint presentations. When this occurs, make use of visuals that will be able to effectively and quickly bring your message across.

Do not be overcome by stress.

For every newcomer to public speaking, the most dreadful moment during that entire process is that last-minute before you are expected onstage. You will not be the first person to experience discomfort before been required to perform in a role with which you are not comfortable. Even sports stars’ experience that moment of anxiety.

One of the best ways to eliminate stress is simply by making use of visualization where you visualize a positive outcome to that public speaking ordeal. Another highly effective method is to use deep breathing techniques, which have been known for a long time to be highly effective in reducing stress and to help an individual to be more confident and competent.

Find a friendly face.

The best and the most competent public speakers have a few tricks up their sleeves. They will mingle freely with the audience before been called upon to speak. During this time, they will introduce themselves to several people who are attending that meeting. This will mostly be people who are sitting in the front and with whom eye contact can be made very easily.

Now it is entirely possible to look at those people with whom a relationship has been formed. Proceeding in this way can do a lot to deal with stress and anxiety and to ensure a more effective connection with your audience.