How to Make Anyone Instantly Like You

“Nobody is interested in knowing about how we feel; rather, they are only interested in discovering what we can do regarding what they feel.”

Who doesn’t want people to like them? Now that’s not the question. The question is, how can we make them like you? The way you can make this happen is by only making them feel good about themselves just by applying the simple tips in your life. Yes, “not you,” “but themselves.”

Being Dynamic and Keen

The first step is to make the person feel comfortable with whom we are talking to. This could be only done by observing the person and analyzing their nature regarding what their expectations are from you or simply what makes them happy and comfortable while communicating with you.

This may require a “trial and error method.” However, sooner the person is comfortable, the faster they’ll start liking you. Giving them attention, focusing on them, making them feel special and valuable are the small things that really make a significant difference.

Make Them Talk About What They Love

While speaking with the person, avoid talking more about yourself. Instead, create more chances for them to talk about themselves. You may ask a question in general like, “Okay, tell me about yourself, your family, and friends.” As this is the simplest way to discover their likes and dislikes, it would help you on the brighter side to understand what to talk to and what not to talk about.

Everyone Likes a Good Listener

Being attentive and responsive, and by showing a positive body language, one can easily win others’ hearts. Even if the person talking to you speaks something that does not interest you, then it might take up quite a lot of hard work to show that you are interested and eagerly listening, but sadly you have to put in that extreme fair effort.

If someone gets to know that their views and thoughts do matters for the listener, they will get the courage to unfold their feelings, passion, expressions, emotions, etc. which they have hidden deep inside their heart for long.

If you let them speak about themselves and their lives, then unconsciously, you will come under the list with whom they can share anything, and this is the first step of being liked.

Ask Them What They Generally Love To Do

During the conversation, try to dive deep into their hobbies and interests. Try and get to know what they love to do or what makes them feel good. When you get to know the activities that amuse them, the ball is in your court. Just try to find the common field of interest and start speaking about that.

In case you don’t have anything familiar, you may start with, “I don’t know much about it, can you please share your experiences in this regard?” This shows that you are interested in the person and their field of interest that is being told. When one is allowed to express freely, they become what they are actually from within. The essence of neutrality can be experienced with their facial spark. They experience happiness deep in their heart and soul. They could share their feelings without any hesitation and manipulation.

The unnatural mask is thrown off from their real faces. These feelings revolve around their mind, and therefore, if you could provide someone this astounding feeling, you would always remain close to their heart.

Use Hand Gestures to Show Your Interest

While speaking, be sure to use positive gestures and hand movements to make the person understand more clearly what you want to say or express. This indicates your eagerness to communicate with the person and, the other person will also feel eager to talk to you with the same glow in their eyes.

Laughing Is the Best Medicine

Since our childhood, we have been listening to the famous quote from our elders, “Laughing is the best medicine,” as laughing increases the lifespan. However, in the present context, it has nothing to do with making someone instantly like us just by laughing unnecessarily as a clown.

So, why are we talking about laughing then? The answer is, during a conversation, it is advised to demote serious issues, and therefore, sometimes laughter in between such communications makes things lighter and enjoyable.

A good sense of humor and the art of cracking jokes in-between the conversation helps to manage serious situations greatly. Rather one thing should be kept in mind that one should never say anything that would make them look like a nincompoop.

So, these were the golden rules for “How to make a person instantly like you.” With all these rules in mind, if an individual acts accordingly, it will make him/her stand out. It is obvious that if a person meets somebody and makes the other feel good by his/her conduct, their desire to meet one another would enhance, which eventually creates a sense of liking and, over some time, turns into a healthy relationship.

Sadly, this technique is hardly used because most people tend to focus on themselves rather than on others.