Importance Of Questioning

“The Important Thing Is To Never Stop Questioning” – Albert Einstein

We all strive to learn and learning is one thing that we should never stop. It all starts from our parents to school, college, workplace, and even society. But have we ever wondered how questioning impacts our learning?

Well, it’s a tool that not only forces you to rethink but to challenge the existing theories. But some of us might not be in a flair of asking questions. It may be due to our fear, shyness, and overthinking about how others will judge our question or whether it is relevant or not.

Well, here are some benefits that will encourage you to ask questions.

1. Boosts Your Knowledge :

Raising your hand every now and then might feel awkward but actually, it is imperative to do so when it comes to your knowledge. It will allow you to think from other’s perspectives and widen your approach to a particular problem. It will be an add-on to your existing knowledge which will help you at every corner of your life.

2. Keep Up Your Curiosity:

We all were curious in our childhood when we had that zeal to know more and more about the outer world. But with time it fades away and we stop asking questions.

How, Why, When, we end up using such things and accept what is taught and told to us. But this can be regained by asking questions and finding reasons about each and every small thing.

3. Enhances Your Creativity :

By asking questions in class or at the workplace you will give yourself a chance to think from different angles and this will eventually lead to thinking more creatively. You will not simply settle with the existing theories instead challenge them. It can give you exposure to think about something in a different way.

4. Build Your Confidence:

Another advantage of asking questions is that it boosts your confidence, not only while asking and speaking but also in that particular field.

Initially, asking questions might not look important, but eventually, you will realize you have a better understanding of the concept and you will feel more confident.

5. Motivates you to learn more :

Asking questions not only widens your knowledge but also motivates you to learn more. It has a far-reaching effect on our mindset.

You’ll not only learn the academic part but also give yourself some space to explore and learn the smallest of the smallest natural phenomenon. Just look around and you’ll find many questions that still need to be answered.

As we all know that learning should never stop and by asking questions you are learning new things that will keep your mind engaged and young.

“Learning is like rowing upstream, not to advance is to drop back.”

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