Make your home a peaceful place. It’s not an expense, it is an investment

The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned. – Maya Angelou

There’s no place like home. Unless home is messy and chaotic. Unless home is a place full of problems or simply with a decor that doesn’t suit you and doesn’t make you feel comfortable. Then home might not be the best place to be. But the good news is that you can fix it! Sometimes, we don’t feel all that comfortable investing time, money, and effort into the home, but it’s one of the best investments you can make. Let’s explore how and why this is true!

Your home should be your sanctuary

Your home is not just the place you sleep and eat. It’s also the place where you can rest and recuperate, gain back your energy, and recharge emotionally, not just physically. This means that if your home is a place that’s uncomfortable, your rest might not be as effective and you will not be as able to function well and be productive. Your home plays a big role in your life, sometimes bigger than you might notice.

Sure, we do not always have full control of the space. We might have to share it with someone with different tastes and preferences. We might be renting the space or still living with family, which can impose a certain degree of limitations on how you can decorate or use the space. But still, there are usually at least some things that you can control and change. Make your space more peaceful and invest time and resources to make it more comfortable.

Mark a space as yours

The first thing you can do is mark your home as your own. Add special trinkets, accessories, images that make you feel at home and that are comfortable for you. Add objects that are associated with nice memories, images that are inspirational, photos and special mementos. You might not have a lot of space, but try to fit at least one or two things that are very yours.

You can also arrange things as best suits you. In your home, you shouldn’t have to follow a specific set of expectations and should try to set everything as works best for you. If you always eat in your bedroom, you don’t have to have a full dining room setup, for example. Just do what best suits your needs.

Add elements that bring you peace

Your home should have elements that feel cozy and comfortable. This might be different for each person. Some people adore books, others like having a lot of trinkets. There are those who enjoy a minimalist space with no things in sights, and there are those who especially like pillows and blankets.

You do you. There is no right or wrong way to decorate a space if you are comfortable with it. Some general ideas are, first, to avoid clutter. Too much stuff and too much color can stress our brains out. Add plants for a nicer feel (and a space with less heat, and more oxygen). Keep things in a way that’s comfortable for you.

Make chores easier

The upkeep of a home is not an easy task. You can make your home more comfortable by making this simpler and more approachable. Arrange things in ways that make sense for your lifestyle and preferences. Keep some spaces available and others hidden away.

You can’t fully avoid chores, even if you have the opportunity to hire a cleaner or housekeeper, which can be a good option for many. But you can make the process more accessible by choosing how to arrange things, what to keep, and what to place where.

Consider decluttering

Another tip for making your home cozier is regular decluttering. There are people who despise the very idea, and if it’s so unpleasant for you, don’t focus too much on it. However, for many, decluttering is a way of making the home more comfortable and opening space for new things and experiences.

Give away things you don’t use and don’t like. Avoid keeping things that do not have a purpose and don’t inspire positive emotions. Try to fill your home with things that make you happy and that you can use. That way, your home becomes more functional and also feels lighter.