Never Give Up On Trying

A wonderful role model

There is a Mohammed Ali quote that says: don’t quit, suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion. That is a perfect example of why people should never give up. The reality is that when you watch someone do something impossible, it provides you with a new perception of how much is possible when one is dedicated and disciplined.

You need to sit down and think about why you started in the first place. This is why you need to keep your dream alive, and you have to frequently revisit your original vision for your life to make sure that you remain on track. At some point, you might take a pause, but don’t quit because that might mean losing everything which you have already sacrificed.

A Learning Curve

Persisting when everything seems to be going wrong can provide you with ample opportunity to learn important lessons that can give you a better chance of succeeding in life. Conquering all those obstacles will help you to understand your weaknesses and strengths, and it can help you to make better decisions on how to improve your performance and to succeed. Problems and obstacles in life, when looked at positively, can help a person to tackle most of the future issues successfully.

Pride and Respect

When you are succeeding in life, especially in the face of extraordinary opposition, this can provide you with a feeling of pride, and this can really help to boost your self-respect. You will also gain the respect of friends and family and colleagues. This is precisely why giving up is never an option because that will mean that you’re falling short of your own mark and also the mark which others have for you. This will constitute failure, and if that situation is not turned around, this can make it extremely difficult to hang in there when new hardships are encountered. This is why every person has to make a quality decision to persist in hard work and to do so for as long as it might take to make your dreams a reality.

You have Unlimited Potential.

Dr. Anthony Robbins, a well-known motivational speaker, has said that people need to awaken the giant within. And there is a Scripture that says, greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. Napoleon Hill has said, whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve. The only one who can make a decision when it comes to your potential is yourself. It is not the things that happen to me in my life that determine my destiny, but rather, it is my response to those things that happen that makes the difference.

Every living person on this planet has the inner strength and potential to accomplish amazing feats, and it is always our decision whether we will be defeated or whether we will conquer. Even though the victory is not immediately achievable, as long as we are moving forward, anything is possible.

It is Possible for You Also.

Every single person comes into this world naked, defenseless, and weak. As time goes by, we will learn new values, belief systems and develop personal convictions, and over time those things will become the foundation on which you will erect your life. You need to believe that you are worthy of success and that you also deserve to live a happy and comfortable life.

You need to believe that you are destined to succeed and to make an impact on your generation. It is an undeniable truth that nothing in this world can stop you, but only you. This is why you have to keep on believing, and you need to continue to pursue your dreams, and whatever you do, never give up.

Things can and will Improve.

You might be going through a very tough time at the moment, but you need to know that nothing in life remains constant over the long-term. Eventually, most things can and will change. In most cases, you need to hold on and persist, and before you know it, the difficulty has resolved itself. It’s like someone digging a water well in a place that is known for abundant subterranean water resources.

Nevertheless, after digging 50 m deep, they make the erroneous conclusion that there is no water. However, the next day another person comes, and they dig 1 m deeper and find abundant water. Persistence is the name of the game if you are serious about achieving success in your life.

There is no Better Feeling.

When success eventually comes your way, nothing else quite compares to the feeling of accomplishment, which will come over you. When finally succeeding after going through one struggle after the other, that feeding of accomplishment is full compensation for all those years of suffering.

It’s like the birth of a new baby when the mother hears that first cry, she immediately forgets about the months of pain and discomfort, and the only thing which now matters is to take care of this little creature.

Do it because You Can

As long as there is life, there is hope, potential, and endless possibility. A perfect example is the brother of the prodigal son, who was angry when his father held a feast for his lost brother. However, the father said to him, you are always with me, and everything I have belongs to you. Many people find themselves in this situation where they have unlimited inner power available to them, but they continue to believe that they are inadequate and that their current situation is impossible.

Nevertheless, to him, who thinks nothing shall be impossible. Millions of people have proven that fact throughout history. The only time when you will be without any potential will be the day when you die.