Power of Enthusiasm

“None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm”

The expression “young at heart” describes those that meet every day with an enthusiasm for what it brings. Living life is about taking advantage of opportunities, exploring new interests, and working to achieve goals.

How You Look Forward to Each Day is the True Indicator of Your Age
When you wake up, do you think about what you can accomplish today? Or, do you regret having to go to work or perform the tasks necessary around your home?

Your attitude and level of enthusiasm is a true indicator of your age. It means that the future is a much bigger part of your life than the past.

A Person Who Lives Life with Full Curiosity is Young at any Age
Curiosity is what helps keep people thinking young. By being curious about subjects, interests, and pursuits, you can maintain your youthful enthusiasm. You set your sights on exploring what can be done and not just reliving what you have accomplished in the past.

A Person Who Gives Up on Life is Old at any Age
Everyone knows someone who has given up on life. It’s never a pleasant thing to be around someone who exists each day only to look forward to its end. They are old, even if the calendar says that they have yet to reach old age. These are people you do not want to emulate. Instead, be inspired by those who think young.

Enthusiastic People are Willing to Learn New Things
From meeting new people to making lives more colorful, those who are enthusiastic live life with curiosity, wonder, and joy. Their lives experience more happiness and contentment knowing there are new things out there to discover, learn, and experience.

You can take years off your age right now by diving into a new interest, meeting new people, and getting the most out of what life offers for you. It all starts with one small step. And it leads to having more enthusiasm for what each day brings. You can be young again when you look forward to what is waiting for you.