Resetting the Equation With Your Partner

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. – Mignon McLaughlin

Most relationships face difficulties eventually. Sometimes, there is a routine that begins to feel stale and makes the romance evaporate. But not all is lost if this happens to you and your partner. Read on to learn more about how to reset the equation and reignite the romance, the passion, and the charm.

Try to add a little spice

Novelty is important, and novelty in regards to your romantic relationship can be fun. Propose new things and surprise your partner by suggesting different new things. Take initiative to plan something new and add a little spice to everyday routine.

Offer your partner or spouse surprises that they are likely to enjoy. If you are unsure, it’s better to ask, directly or less directly, however, because otherwise things might go sideways and be seen as something frustrating, which hurts your goal of rekindling the fire. Bring your partner on board and brainstorm experiences you’d like to have that feel new, exciting, and perhaps a little spicy!

Start with the small things

You probably have a whole routine that’s not easy to disrupt, and you don’t really need to do that. Instead, you can start with small things that are easy to fit in your day and that can brighten your relationship.

Consider getting a new dessert or buy a small present on your way home. It doesn’t have to be jewelry or an expensive phone; instead, it can be a cute little detail that made you think of your partner. Do a chore you never do. Invite them to go somewhere you’ve never been. These things might be small, but if you do them regularly, they will add up.

Plan a date like old times

Maybe you still have a lot of dates, but often, they happen in a different way. A good option is to go back to the beginning and plan a date that is reminiscent of the times you first began going out. Go to an old haunt or watch a movie that you loved. Take a little walk down memory lane and see how it feels.

Another element is to put more effort into the planning. Often, in the dating stage, we give a lot of effort because we want to impress the other person. As we settle down, dates begin to feel like obligations. Instead, try to remember that feeling of wanting to impress and thrill. Put energy into your plan and ensure that it turns into something beyond the usual.

Take personal time

Another problem that leads to the relationship feeling stale is that you might feel like there’s nothing new. You share most things and know each other. So, a good tip for rekindling the fire is to get into the habit of having your own time and activities.

Do your own thing and then come back to share your experience. Build up your self as a separate individual and bring a lot of fresh things, ideas, and skills into your relationship. Nurture yourself to have more to nurture your relationship.

Talk to your partner

The process of rekindling can’t be carried out by a single person. The relationship belongs to two people, and you need to get them on board. Talk to them to get their perspective and see what they feel is missing.

Often, together, you will be able to discover a problem and address it together. Provide your perspective and make sure to listen carefully to your partner as well. This is the best way to see where things are going wrong: in a specific element of your relationship or another, in your routine weekdays or your lazy Sundays.

Experiment, experiment, experiment

There are many things that can work for you, but also many things that cannot. If the first thing you try doesn’t help as much as you hoped, it doesn’t mean that nothing will. Some solutions can add a bit of spice and novelty for a while, and then feel stale as well.

It’s important to commit and keep experimenting, often with small things. That can be enough. But don’t give up quickly – keep looking for new solutions and opportunities. Invest time and energy in your relationship.