Subtle signs someone likes you

Unless and until you have superhuman powers, it is a herculean task to know what exactly the other person is thinking. And generally, we human beings have accepted that very fact. But if you are trying to answer that million-dollar question of whether that boy or girl is into you or likes you, then it can be a frustrating affair – especially if you are trying too hard to decipher.

Thankfully some subtle signs can help you infer whether someone likes you or not. Here are a few of them:

1. Having Open Body-Language

If someone has open body language, you will notice that they generally leave the front of their body unprotected by arms or a glass of whatever they are drinking or holding a phone in front. This is popularly known as invitational body language, and it is the body of language of trust.

Instead of sitting alone hunched up in a chair or crossing their arms, they will turn towards you and seem conveniently ready to talk. Therefore, if someone is always ready to give you comfort and shows signs of having open body language, then maybe that person is attracted to you.

2. Asking more personal questions

When your ‘not so secret’ admirer starts asking more personal questions to you, there are chances that they like you. These questions are not the normal ‘getting to know you’ questions. These are the questions that try to get to know you for who you are. Besides, your admirer might add an emotional bent to the questions.

For example, instead of asking what your job is, they might ask you what motivates you to do whatever you do. They will ask you questions that you are not used to.

After all, they want to know you deeply because they are interested in you and they like you. They seem to be directing the conversation, and they start dictating the direction with each question.

3. That quirky nervousness

When someone is interested in you, maybe you find them struggling or distracted to find the right words?. Even if a confident person is attracted to you, he/she may experience the same internal anxiety.

At the height of their nervousness, they may stutter, or fumble with whatever they are holding, or not seem to know what to do with their hands. These are some of the obvious surprising signs that someone is into you.

4. Frequent and longer eye contact

If someone who is into makes eye contact with you, they look longer with great intensity as if they are making an effort to really try and speak to you telepathically with just their gaze. There is also a not-so-ironic intensity in the eye contact i.e. instead of a casual nod, the person might try to lean towards you instead.

Moreover, you will also find that sometimes your admirer might try to look somewhere else when you catch them secretly staring at you.

5. Always one step ahead in making you laugh

Another subtle sign of figuring out whether someone is into you or not is by observing whether or not the said person goes above and beyond in trying to make you laugh or make extra efforts to see you smiling. When someone is into you, they will always try to make you the target of their jokes much more often than anyone else, and even your friends in your group also get that feeling.

An important point to notice here is that they don’t like when someone else is teasing you or making an extra effort in making you laugh.

6. Mirroring

Mirroring means when someone tends to like what you like. As a result, they might start going to the gym because you like it or they might start taking any sessions because you are taking it. When someone is giving extra efforts to match up to your level so that they can spend more time with you, that is where you can conclude that the person is interested in you romantically.

In case their habits or choices are surrounded your choices then you might say that someone is into you.

7. They remember the weirdest things

When someone is really into you they can’t help but absorb all the things that might seem unimportant to you. They will start to remember your little things which you might have told them once.

For instance, when did you first dance, when was the first time you have won any competition, etc. Isn’t it weird? Perhaps. But it is one of the clear signs that someone is attracted to you.