Want to Give Your Life a Motive? 

A daily routine can wear you down. Eventually, we forget why we are doing what we are doing. But we have to connect with the true motives behind our actions if we want to live a truly satisfying life.

Remember yourself when you were a child. What were your beliefs? What did your imagination tell you about the future? What did you hope to accomplish as an adult? You probably wanted to make a change in the world that others could feel and experience, you wanted to leave a mark.

With time and routine, those dreams fade, and we become caught in the daily hustle. But we don’t ever let go of those dreams completely.

What did you want to change? Perhaps you wanted to change how society operates or how your household runs. You wanted to help animals or people in a vulnerable position. Even if you might have to scale them down, these dreams can still inspire you.

You can start today. There is, after all, no better time to start anything. You can find a small way to act that will make larger changes. You can go the extra mile and feel the satisfaction that you are doing something that is meaningful and brings purpose to your life.

You might think you don’t have time. But you have at least a few minutes. You might think you don’t have energy. But being purposeful will bring more energy into your life. It’s very easy to make excuses. But will that bring you to where you want to be?

Do you want your life to remain routine and gray? You can keep making excuses, but this will be the only thing it gets you. If you want a change that will help you feel more satisfied and more engaged with daily life, you can find it now.

Today is the best day you can make a difference. You can infuse meaning into your routine and become more like the person you once imagined yourself to become. Even a few minutes or a small act of kindness will make a huge difference.

Ask yourself: what can you do differently today to rediscover your motive? If you want to help people, do it. If you want to help animals, do it. If you want to make art, just sit down and do it now.