Who are you and what others want you to be?

Who are you? This is a question we never stop answering, and also one we can only answer for ourselves. And yet, many people struggle with it.

Do you know who you are?

If you find it difficult to answer, you might worry too much about what other people expect of you. We live in a sea of expectations. You need to look a certain way and be a certain way, according to your family, your friends, society, and culture. These expectations will not always agree with one another.

When you are so focused on who you have to be according to others, it becomes hard to know who you want to be. This is more likely when you have conflicting expectations.

If you want to be bold and adventurous while those around you promote caution, you might hold yourself back. You might feel inadequate, like something is wrong with you. It is hard facing against the expectations society has and the people around you express, explicitly or not.

What should you do? Learn the difference between what others want you to be and what feels authentic for you. Focus on your own gut and your own feelings.

What feels right? What brings you joy? What upsets you? What bores you?

Understanding how you feel playing different roles can help you identify what is best for you. When we are in the right place, we can feel it. Even if it’s challenging or not always pleasant, it motivates us.

It takes a toll to pretend to be someone else. It might please those around you, for a time, but the cost will always be very high in the end. You will have to pay it, too.

Discover who you are by trying new things and new roles. See what feels best for you. Let go of other people’s expectations, little by little. You will never be able to please everyone, but at least try to please yourself.

You get to decide for yourself who you are and, most importantly, who you want to be. Living authentically to yourself involves challenging other people’s ideas and notions, but it can also make your life satisfying.

You can only find who you are by trying the things that call to you and learning what works and what doesn’t. It might take time, but it is the only path to happiness.

“Give yourself a choice to discover who you really are!”