Why Conflict Resolution skills will take you far

Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.— Ambrose Bierce

Conflict is a part of life. We achieve peace and harmony not by avoiding conflicts or trying to put out fires before they begin, but rather by trying to manage conflict in the best possible way. Conflict resolution skills are essential.

What do we mean when we say conflict resolution? It involves everything that helps you de-escalate the situation.

Sometimes, conflict resolution means preventing the situation from boiling over. It involves paying attention to how people are responding and being able to walk away or back away from a situation that is about to reach a breaking point. You can cultivate this skill by paying attention to the people around you and learning to be empathetic. Sometimes, you need to slow down. The second aspect is being able to take a pause. Don’t respond with the first thing that comes into your head. Learn to recognize when you are getting too angry. Take a breather get out of the room, and calm down.

The second skill you can cultivate is communication. Talk about things in an honest way, while you focus on your feelings. Avoid talking about other people in a judgmental way, with insults or by slinging blame towards them. Instead, focus on yourself and what you feel.

Conflict resolution can be about many things. But mainly, it’s about being able to work through a problem in a constructive way. It can help you feel empowered to deal with different situations and defuse complex social conundrums.

You can develop your abilities to defuse conflicts, and it’s certain to help you in a variety of situations, personal and professional. Remember that it will not always be your place or even without your possibilities. Sometimes, the best thing you can do is walk away.

It’s not possible to avoid conflicts altogether. However, often the best thing you need is to learn how to prevent them. At some points, this means being willing to stay silent and walk away, removing yourself from the situation before it explodes. Other times, it means intervening before things get too heated. Conflict resolution is certain to help you in many different ways, so it’s a skill worth investing into.