6 Signs you are doing better than you think

It’s hard to gouge our progress. We tend to think that we are stuck or moving too slowly, and it’s often more difficult to recognize our achievements than our failures. This makes us biased in a negative way – it’s easier to see if we are behind, but not so much when we are ahead. Here are six signs that you are doing better than you think.

1. You are financially independent

Financial independence is not as easy to achieve as you might think. Supporting yourself and paying for your own expenses means that you are doing pretty well. Social media bombards us with images of luxury and excess, but that is not really a reasonable goal to set for ourselves.

In reality, many people struggle to cover the basics, so if you have financial independence, you are already ahead of the curve.

2. You enjoy what you do

Many people hate their jobs or, at least, find them boring and unfulfilling. If you like your job and, especially, if you love it or if you have hobbies that you truly enjoy, then you are also doing pretty well.

To be happy, we need to find meaning and enjoyment in our work, because it usually will take up a large part of our lives. If you found something you like, that’s a great sign of success!

3. You know what you want

It’s not easy to figure out what you want in life. On one hand, there are the values and goals that society imposes on us, like having fancy gadgets or living a luxury-filled life. It can be truly confusing to see whether this is something that works for us.

On the other hand, there are our own hidden desires and needs that can be difficult to uncover. Do we want what everyone else has or something unique? Do we want status or stability? If you have your values clear and a good understanding of your priorities, you are already ahead of the curve, because many people spend years trying to figure them out.

Each of us has our unique goals and priorities and understanding this to accept the things that work for us is a big step towards success.

4. You know what you don’t want

It’s just as important to set clear boundaries regarding what you don’t want. Cutting out toxic people, bad habits, and harmful practices can make your life better. If you have gotten rid at least of a few negative things and can say no, you have accomplished something many people struggle with every day.

You have given yourself permission to take care of yourself and set your own boundaries. This is an incredibly valuable skill.

5. You make room for fun and relaxation

We live in a world where many people push themselves to work non-stop, avoiding downtime and not giving time to their relationships, not to mention themselves.

If you find time to include the things you love that bring you fun and enjoyment and if you allow yourself to rest and take breaks, it means you are doing pretty well too and that you have learned that life is not just about productivity.

6. You can recognize what you have

A sign of success is allowing yourself to see everything that is working in your life. If you have relationships, habits, work, hobbies, and more that you can see as being good and positive for you, it means a lot. Many people, even those with a lot of money or success, can’t see it as such – they always feel like they have been given less, that what they have is not enough.

If you can recognize that there are good things in your life and appreciate them as they are, it means you are doing pretty well at the moment.

Look out for these signs of success and consider how high you set the bar. Don’t compare yourself to the billionaires and celebrities – their lives are often manufactured. Instead, look at what you have and what brings you joy and satisfaction every day.