6 Tips on How to Make People Respect You

Everyone wishes to gain respect from others, but often forgets that you have to give respect to attain it. It is mutual, and there are different factors that come into play for acquiring respect from others.

Here, we will walk you through six simple ways to make people respect you through your words and actions.

So, why don’t we have a look at these methods now?

Let Them Complete, Always be the Last to Speak

While engaging in a discussion, don’t jump in to provide your opinion instantly. Instead, it is best to listen to what others have to say before speaking. By doing this, you can gain clarity on what is happening. You will also have ample time to think it through and analyze the matter.

Once you have a better understanding, you can present your opinion by respecting and valuing what others have said. Finally, as you speak, you can add more value to the discussion and even help make a decision.

Stop Taking Yourself Seriously and Start Laughing at Yourself

Don’t get us wrong!

Sometimes, take a breather and stop taking yourself seriously all the time. Remember that life is short, and every moment in it matters.

So, why not to live it to the fullest by enjoying it?

Instead of pressurizing yourself and staying serious, start laughing at yourself. Everyone makes mistakes, and you might also make them, at times. It could be something you said that turned out to be funny. It could even be an incident that happened when you were young.

Regardless of all these aspects, the essential thing to remember is that you have to be easy on yourself.

Do Not Make the Environment Negative By Gossiping

Nobody likes to be with people who spread negativity. It could be in the form of words, symbols, or actions. If you are someone who gossips or says negative things all the time, people will try to stay away from you. They won’t give respect to things you share or even consider them seriously.

Therefore, it is best to present yourself positively by being pleasant.

For instance, imagine you are in a group, and one of your friends or colleagues feels low about their career. Here, you can give them confidence and encourage them by sharing different possibilities they have.

Through this, you can play a role in removing negativity from the person and enhancing their mood. It is a way to gain respect from the concerned person and others in the group.

Ensure that Your Words and Actions Match

When you say something, ensure that it matches your actions.

Yes, you read it right.

For instance, imagine you have told your friends that you don’t have junk food items and have your greens regularly. But, in reality, if you are someone who eats a lot of unhealthy food items and avoids having vegetables, your actions don’t match your words.

Although your friends might never come to know about this, it is essential that you stay honest with yourself. It is a way to garner self-respect, which is as integral as gaining respect from others.

Become a Good Helper Whenever Needed

Extending your helping hand whenever required is a way through which you can gain respect from others. Sometimes you might notice someone struggling, and you can offer them help.

For instance, it could be assisting someone crossing the road or providing financial aid to someone in need. There are other ways to offer assistance and become a good helper.

Accept If You Don’t Know Something!

It is impossible for all of us to know anything and everything.

Yes, it is true that there can be several things that fall under your area of expertise. There can also be things you know nothing about, and here, it is best not to brag about them.

Instead, you can accept your lack of knowledge on a topic, and improve your understanding of the same from others who are experts in that field. By doing so, you are improving yourself as a person and also enhancing your knowledge. It is yet another way to gain respect from others.