7 Simple Steps to Improving Your Creativity

You are capable of being creative because each of us humans are wired to do so. But there are times when you might feel that you’re missing that creativity within you, and you’re finding it hard to get it back.

Here are seven simple steps to allowing yourself to be creative again:

1. Be a child again

Creativity usually begins to flow when you are being imaginative, and that happened a lot when you were a child. You always imagined what you would be when you grow up, how your house would look like and what you would do. That allowed you to create beautiful things out of toys and drawing materials.

Sometimes, being an adult can take that sense of wonder within you, especially when you become stuck with the daily realities of life.

But it’s not yet too late because you can always be a child again by giving yourself time to play, time to wander and time to be your imaginative self again.

2. Practice the art of doodling

When you were younger, you probably have that one notebook where you would draw just about everything that comes to mind. So, why not do that again? Doodling without a goal in sight is one of the best ways to just live at the moment and spark up your creativity without feeling any pressure to create something perfect. This activity is also a great way to release stress and convey your ideas through drawings.

3. Think about the small things

In most cases, your mind may focus too much on the bigger tasks, activities and decisions that are happening in your life that you forget to also look at the smaller things that can make you happy. If you feel that you’ve lost your creativity, you can start looking at the small things in your life to hopefully re-ignite that spark within you.

4. Allow yourself to move

According to research, doing any form of physical exercise helps your brain to function on its more creative side. Any physical movement also promotes mental clarity by increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery to your brain. If you’re not a fan of the gym, just doing some yoga or walking around the neighborhood is already enough to help you be more creative.

5. Do something completely new

Sometimes, sparking your creativity means going out of your comfort zone and doing something completely new to you. It could be taking on a class that’s not related to your field, traveling alone, or just reading a new book. When you try something new, your brain gets excited that it instantly switches to creativity mode.

6. Don’t be afraid of boredom

Living in such a fast-paced world, it’s hard to accept boredom because of everything that you need to do. But if you’re struggling with creativity lately, maybe it’s because your brain is already so overwhelmed with a lot of thoughts, ideas and problems.

To relieve yourself of that kind of stress, you should learn to embrace boredom. Do a mental detox, for instance, where you don’t look at your gadgets for a day. Boredom is one of the best ways to allow your brain to tap into its creative side.

7. Embrace the art of change

Life can be very unpredictable, and changes happen so constantly that you might not have enough time to cope with everything. But resisting change also puts a strain on your creativity, which is why it’s very important to learn how to embrace the art of change.

If you’re in a new field, for instance, learn the tricks of the trade before telling yourself that you can’t do it.

At the end of the day, creativity comes from within you, and it’s always there. You just need to find ways to rekindle that sense of creativity, so you can express yourself more, whether it’s through art, music or even just everyday tasks.

What’s important is that you keep trying to do better, even if you’re overwhelmed with everything that life throws at you. Take it one day at a time, allow yourself to pause, and don’t forget to live life the way you want to.