A Note to Myself

Here are a few things I want you to remember. Here are the lessons that, I think, are most valuable, the ones that can help me reach true success and happiness. Here is what I want you to always know and remember; here are the most important things to keep in mind.

1. Live life on your terms

You can spend your whole life trying to please others and still fail. You should only be trying to fulfill your own goals and expectations.

You are the one who will have to live with the consequences of your decisions and actions, not other people. There is nobody who understands you as well as yourself, so you should believe in your ideas and use them to guide your life. Dictate your own terms.

2. Take risks to discover your true passion

You have a passion. If you say you don’t, it means you haven’t uncovered it yet. Seek out the things that make you interested, curious, and excited. It won’t always be easy to try new challenges, but don’t be afraid to take these risks.

They will help you discover what you are meant to be doing and add a lot to your life.

3. Don’t let some small things ruin your mood and peace

You will encounter many things in your life. Some of them will be worth worrying about. Most will not be. Don’t stress the small stuff: it can spoil your mood, your fun, your peace, and your well-being, and all of it for nothing.

Instead, you should focus on what matters. Small things, like daily stressors, mild inconveniences, things not going exactly as planned, might not require a lot of concern. Don’t spoil your experiences by worrying about things that have already passed, might never happen, or are not actually important.

4. Try to be happy from within, without anyone else

Of course, we need other people in our lives. However, we cannot make these other people responsible for our happiness. You can’t make your happiness dependent on your partner or parents or kids. Your happiness should come from within.

Be OK when you are on your own and look for ways to build a strong relationship with your own inner self. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have other people in your life, of course, but rather that you should feel independent in your happiness and well-being. Nurture your self-esteem, understand what you want and need to be fulfilled.

5. Do not compromise for your things, never feel guilty for taking time for yourself

Your most important relationship is with yourself. You should never feel sorry for defending your time, your values, your ideals. Your goals and your personal time matter a lot, and they are worth it.

Do not feel guilty for taking time to be with yourself or do things that matter to you, even if other people don’t get it. You get to set the terms of how you live your life and how you use the time that you have to make the most of it.

6. You deserve to be treated well

Toxic people and toxic places are not worth it. Even if the pay is good, even if the toxic person is your “family”, you deserve to be treated well and to be respected. Don’t stay in places where you are not welcome, and do not give your time to people who do not want it.

You get to set your boundaries and limits, and there is no point in waiting for a bad person or space to change. Learn to say no and to show that you will protect yourself and your interests and well-being. You deserve to be around people who like you and who will not put you down.

7. You will always be learning

You might feel like you already have it all down. But life is always changing, and there are always new things to learn and discover.

Keep your mind open to these new things, and it will help you adapt to whatever new challenges you need to face in your life. Never close your mind, and you will be OK, no matter what happens.