Actions That Can Push Your Partner Away

Relationships can be fragile, therefore, you need to pay special attention to ensure that they remain strong. However, some of our actions can lead to situations that can push your partner away. Here, we will walk you through some such factors in detail.

Excluding Your Partner from Big Decisions

When you are in a committed relationship, you must include your partner while making big decisions related to your personal or professional life.

For instance, you have received a promotion at work that requires you to shift to another city. Here, if you decide to take up the opportunity without consulting your partner, it is a way of excluding or pushing your partner away.

Some people do so when they consider themselves the head of the house, where they attain a feeling of entitlement. However, to build a healthy relationship, it is best to involve your partner in such big decisions you have to make.

As per Tony Robbins, a relationship coach, joint decision-making can help partners understand each other’s perspectives. Here, it will lead to trust, respect, and better communication in your relationship.

Prioritizing Others Over Your Partner

When you prioritize others and other things in your life over your partner, it can affect your relationship adversely. Here, it can be forgetting to inform your partner about important things in your life. It can also happen because you and your partner rarely converse.

If your partner is the only person in your relationship putting in the effort to spend time together, it shows that you are not considering your partner as a priority. These issues can create a rough patch in your relationship. Therefore, it is best to take the correct measures to overcome them so that you and your partner can rebuild the bond you share.

Making False Promises

If you make an unfulfilled promise, it can pave the way for several issues. It can lead to the breaking of relationships and can impact your trustworthiness.

For instance, you have promised your partner that you would visit their parents on Christmas Eve, and you plan to chicken out at the last moment, making some excuses. Here, you have made a false promise, where you have given hope and made a vow that you cannot keep.

When something like this happens, it can lead to commitment issues and affect your relationship. It also shows you as careless, who doesn’t value time. Because of this, your partner could drift away from you, which would inevitably affect your relationship.

Apologizing Without Feeling from the Heart

Whenever there is a conflict of interest or argument, it is best to talk it through and resolve the issue. Instead, if you decide to apologize without feeling from your heart, it can make things worse. Here, you are escaping from the problem and not overcoming it.

When you do so, your partner can feel your lack of interest in the relationship you both share. Therefore, eventually, your partner could move away from you and lead to the end of your relationship.

Blaming Your Partner for Your Wrong Decisions

Who would like to take the blame for a wrong deed another person has done?

Most of us would try to escape from it, and one way adopted by many is blaming others, especially their partners. Such acts can be painful and exhausting for your partner, leading to toxicity.

It can happen when you find issues in dealing with your emotions. But, blaming another person, who has nothing to do with it, is the wrong way of solving the problem.

Having Trust Issues

Trust is the cornerstone or foundation of any relationship, so if you have broken your partner’s trust, rebuilding it can be challenging.

Trust issues can come in a relationship through cheating, lying, betrayal, etc. If something similar has happened in your relationship, it can be why your partner is pushing you away.

So, if something of that sort has not happened in your relationship, ensure that it doesn’t occur.

Since these components can push your partner away from you, remember to pay attention and take good care of your relationship to strengthen your bond with your partner.