Are We Born For a Reason?

One thing that all people have in common is that we are all looking for a purpose in life. Some settle on their families and loved ones, others pursue a comfortable lifestyle, and many choose a career or a business. And still, we all wonder at one point or another whether we are born for a reason and what reason that might be.

Feeling that our lives don’t have a meaning can be damaging. If we believe that there is no reason for being alive, it can make us feel more depressed, more anxious, and more reckless with the decisions we make.

A lack of purpose can make our lives feel empty. We are not motivated to do anything. Why should we do it? We are not happy or satisfied. There is a feeling of emptiness to what we do, and we might become caught up in things that don’t mean much but help us pass the time, feel better, like impulse shopping, gaming, drinking, doing drugs, or anything else that helps us fill that void.

Without a purpose, we feel empty, a nagging sensation that is not easy to define. But we try to fill this hole with whatever comes along. Often, these are things that might damage us, like substance abuse, eating too much or going on a diet, joining a cult or buying things with no thought for tomorrow. This lack of meaning can be felt in daily decisions.

But if we accept that we are born for a reason, then we need to have a reason. This might be easier than you expect. Some people feel that they are born for a reason, and then discover it. It comes with a moment of discovery, and then they just know. But most people have to construct the purpose of their lives.

This means that you get to decide what you want the purpose of your life to be, as long as it feels right. It doesn’t have to be just one thing either. You get to decide how much does your career, hobbies, family, friends, partner, etc. mean to you, what you want to focus on, and how to set your priorities.

You get to construct the reason for your life bit by bit and decide what is worthy and what is not. But as you do, you will find that every part of your day feels more meaningful, more satisfying, and more motivating.