Are you Afraid of Being Left Out?

Have you ever felt left out? Most of us have. It is one of the worse experiences in adolescence, childhood, and beyond, but it can feel very nasty when it appears once more in adulthood.

We might feel that we are not getting enough attention or not doing enough. Everyone else seems to be miles ahead of us in their work, their personal relationships, and even their hobbies.

Where does this feeling come from? It can be associated with a sense of being rejected or isolated, for example, when we see a friend at a party and we were not invited.

It can also come from the feeling that others are doing more and achieving more but not us. Often, these emotions come from the posts we see on social media or the achievements others share, such as a high salary, an exotic trip, or anything else.

The feeling of being left out is not a constructive experience. It can leave us unmotivated, anxious, and scared. But what can we do to counteract it?

One of the reasons why we feel this way is that we have a hard time appreciating what we have. We suddenly get too caught up in the exciting new things our friends have and forget all about the awesome things present in our lives.

A strong antidote for the fear of being left out or missing out is gratitude. Take the time to appreciate what you have and how you can enjoy it. Sit down and make a list of all the amazing things, people, and opportunities that you have.

A good way of looking at this is to see whether you would start appreciating it more if another person was pursuing the same thing or felt this fear of being left out when you do not have to worry.

Make a point of considering the great things you have because there are amazing situations in your life. Make the effort to look at them with fresh eyes and recognize all the potential and joy they can bring.

The fear of being left out can sometimes point out towards a need or desire that you might want to pay attention to. If you are always feeling jealous of people who travel a lot, perhaps you need for trips in your life or, at least, a bit more novelty.

If you feel your friends are not inviting you to things, maybe you need to cultivate new relationships. This experience is not pleasant. But it can be open a path towards personal growth and greater appreciation of our lives.

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