Are you ignoring these to achieve success?

Nobody likes losing. Nobody likes giving up things they like or value. However, we often find ourselves losing things without even noticing.

Does this sound familiar? You skip dinner with your family to work overtime. You stay at your computer all weekend to get things done and miss out on a friend’s outing. You choose one thing, but give up the other.

Often, we do this without recognizing what we are giving up to achieve success or what we define as success.

We might stop spending time with our partner or friends or family. We might give up on our personal development or rest or free time. We often lose our relationships for the sake of what we believe to be success.

This is rarely done due to bad intentions. We believe that success will make us happier, that it’s the best thing to do. However, we don’t realize that others want to see us now. They want us to be there right now, and not in some nebulous future.

However, this is often associated with the idea that happiness is something that comes after we reach a specific milestone. But we don’t realize that we are missing out on happiness right here and right now.

That’s not to say that we always have to choose our family or relationships over other things. But if we never choose them, we might find ourselves all alone.

Happiness is something that is always within our reach, even if we have not made our dreams come true yet. We can be successful and unhappy too.

We need to become aware of what we lose every day when we make our choices. Sometimes, it’s inevitable, but if we want to keep our relationships, we need to give them the time and attention they need.

Ask yourself: What am I losing today if I make this choice? Am I willing to lose it? What could I do instead?

Our happiness is worth more when it is shared, and we need to always be careful to maintain our relationships.

Otherwise, we might come to achieve what we wanted and find that it doesn’t make us happy because we are alone.