Stop Thinking and Start Doing – Take Action

Action and behavior matter. We can all agree on that. But often we never reach the stage when we take action. Instead, we get stuck thinking, feeling, and wondering.

There is nothing wrong with feeling or thinking, of course. The problem comes when we can’t get past this.

We might know exactly what we have to do. We might know well what the right thing is. But we might keep putting it off and failing to take action. This means that even if our intentions are right, nothing truly changes. Nothing happens in reality.
At the same time, we might look at others and see their success.

We see them running their businesses or making their projects or getting into new relationships. A part of us might want to say it’s because they are lucky. But they are often not. They are just the people who have taken action while we have not.

At some point, getting stuck before doing something becomes painful. We know what to do, so why do we keep procrastinating?

Often, it comes down to a decision. People who succeed choose to do something, not just to wait and see. If we do the same, we will get results.

The results won’t always involve immediate success, of course. But they will always involve progress, learning, and forward motion.

Ask yourself what you are procrastinating on right now. What are you not doing that you want to be doing?

There are always excuses. Not enough time, for example. Or not enough energy. But if you set the excuses aside and start working, even with a small step, the rewards will be enormous.

If we don’t start acting, nothing will happen, and we might put things off indefinitely.

Make a commitment to action. Even if it’s a small step or a little task, make the choice to get it done today, right away, right now.

Only our behaviors will lead to outcomes. Give yourself permission to act and start doing, not just feeling and not just thinking. You will be glad you did.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”