Be Flexible and Adaptable like Water

One of the best skills we can have is the skill of adaptation. Being flexible and adjusting to the situation at hand will help you weather the worst storms and face any obstacle.

Learn from water.

Water adjusts to whatever situation it’s in. It can take on a wholly different state depending on what is required. It can go around any obstacle. Water can bear extreme cold and heat by changing its shape. It can change its behaviour to go around obstacles or through them, being soft or hard depending on what suits its purposes.

You should learn to adapt to your situation. Don’t be like a rock that always tries to keep its shape. Be more like water that stays water, but changes its shape to keep flowing.

Say you need to move to a new place. Let the change come, even if it’s scary. Find how you can keep your essence but adapt to what you are experiencing. Maybe you need to learn a new language or meet new friends. You might have to change your habits. Don’t cling to old tricks that no longer work.

Find out what you need to be to thrive, to flow, and do it.

Being flexible will allow you to adjust to anything that comes your way without losing who you are. It means finding out anything that you might need to change to thrive.

If you are stuck in a toxic workplace, you might need to keep your head down until you can leave. If you enter a good workplace, you might change the habit and learn to take the initiative or engage positively with others.

You can always change a habit or practice that is not working and then change back.

Water will always make its own path, and so should you. Don’t follow others blindly or compare yourself. Instead, you need to find what works for you and what is the right route to follow.

Changes will come, whether we want them or not. You need to learn to adapt, while maintaining your essence. Be like water.