Do You Feel Like Everybody is Against You?

Sometimes, there are people who try to hurt us or who compete against us. But one of the worst mindsets we can have is believing that everybody is out to get us.

Why is this such a problem? When we believe that other people are against us, it limits the opportunities we take, the relationships we can build, and how willing we are to ask for help.

All these are essential factors that can make a difference between succeeding and not, between having enough energy to achieve our goals and working ourselves into a state of exhaustion.

When we are always on the defensive, concerned about possible attacks, we wear ourselves out and have a difficult time trusting others. But a lot of our success depends on who we know and who we can ask for help.

Don’t treat yourself as the victim. When you do, you feel dependent on other people. Those around you can make or break you, while you drift by without having any control. But this can change.

Feeling like the victim, like everyone around us is trying to hurt us can become an easy way to avoid taking responsibility.

Instead, we put it on others. This can feel satisfying in a particular way. We don’t feel responsible for our failures. But it also means that we can’t learn from them. We just don’t let ourselves accept our own role in the situation.

This is not to say that the solution is to trust everybody. However, having a positive disposition towards others until they show themselves to be untrustworthy can make a big change in our lives.

Learning to rely on others as we take responsibility for our own decisions can be big steps towards change, growth, and improvement. It allows us to see our choices as our own and also to stop constantly waiting for an attack or a problem.

You can achieve a lot of improvement by focusing on yourself. Allow yourself to take responsibility for your failures and your successes and stop looking for enemies around you. This is certain to make your life better and improve your own outlook.

When you approach the world in a more positive manner, other people can respond in kind. Give them the chance to surprise you and explore all the possibilities of a friendlier world. But most of all, give yourself the chance to take control of your life.