Dreams and Actions

Do you have a dream? And, if you do, is the dream one of your own?

Many times, we live a life that is based on other people. We follow our parents’ dreams of success. We follow our friends and our role models. We let society shape the way we dream and what we dream about.

Often, we don’t let ourselves connect to what truly matters because we fear being rejected or criticized. But we all have the right to dream big and dream about something that matters.

You might know what you want or not, but there is definitely a dream there. Often, we are the ones who crush it or reject it because it seems like something impossible or something that the current situation won’t allow us to achieve.

You might say: “I will do it once the kids are grown.” You might also say: “It’s silly to think this at my age, I must keep it a secret.” But these are just limitations we impose on ourselves.

If we let ourselves not only dream, but also take action, we will not be stopped. Our dream is that which motivates us the most, so we need to let it be free.

To dream can be a small step. But permitting ourselves to do this can make a huge difference in our lives.

Tell yourself that you will live this dream. Let it flow freely through you, give you energy, and make you feel inspired. Once you do, you will be able to take action and move forward.

Dream big, even if it’s scary. Dream big because that will set you in motion.

Dreaming is only the first step, of course. But it’s essential for going ahead with what you want. It will inspire you, give you energy, and help you make the right decisions.

Allow yourself to dream and see how your life begins to change thanks to it. A dream is a step to action, so take this first step today.