Dreams Keep Your Life Fun

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. – Eleanor Roosevelt

What do you dream about? Do you still dream? If not, you might want to remember what it felt like.

As kids, we are usually full of dreams. We dream wildly, about walking on the moon or traveling the world or becoming famous. As we grow, reality often confronts us with the fact that some of these dreams are not realistic.

Sometimes, that discourages us from dreaming more. After all, if we can’t reach what we imagined, what’s the point?

But the idea is not to keep dreaming. It’s to grow and nurture our dreams so that they can fit into the world.

Sure, most people won’t become astronauts. But they can still make their passion a part of their lives. They can still have that connection to space and enjoy it as a hobby or as part of their work. They can still dream big.

Not every dream can and will come true. But the role of dreams is not just to provide us with goals. They are also there to keep us excited, connected, looking for meaning. They often represent this idealistic, beautiful part of us that deserves to be nurtured.

Dreams might come true or not. It’s beautiful when they do. And when they do, we also need to think what we get to dream about next.

Dreams serve as reminders that there is more to life than our routine, when it becomes boring, more than our daily troubles, when they become excessive. They are a connection to our inner child who reminds us that there are things to strive for.

As adults, a part of dreaming is finding ways to make those ambitions a part of our life. Maybe you can’t get what you want, not exactly, but it can point you in the direction of those things that make you happy: traveling, exploring, achieving, becoming.

If you forgot about your dreams, take time to remember. Remember what you used to think about as a kid and what you imagined yourself doing and being. This can provide a hint.
But don’t be afraid to create and cultivate new dreams. It doesn’t matter if they are realistic or not. What matters is how they make us feel and how they inspire us to do more and just have fun as a child would.