Effective Ways to make Learning a Habit

In this scenario, it is not enough to be with what you already know. In order to utilize your maximum potential, you must attempt to excavate your knowledge of the world around you. And if you want to keep growing, you need to make learning a habit.

So here are some of the ways to make learning a habit:

1. Prepare To-Learn List

Generally, we used to keep the To-Do list. But now onwards, try to have the To-Learn list also. In that, write down the new areas of study which motivates you and keep it handy. Saving your ideas can lead you for more searching.

2. Read More

Somewhere after “Double up your profit”, “Beat the competition”, also put “Read More” resolution. For that, always strive to have a book with you or ready materials handy or on your smart phone so that you can read it whenever you get time to read.

3. Keep Intellectual Friends

Start spending time with people who actually invest their time in learning new things. Not just who is smart. if you know that some of your colleagues have a habit of learning, try to spend time with them. Studies show that we tend to grab the habits from the people around us.

4. Teach Others

We learn better and recall more when we think we will soon need to teach others. And we become a master in whatever we teach. SO, if you have learned something new, start to teach and share it with others. Once you start doing this you would be surprised at the results, with the speed you expand your network, horizon and new learning.

5. Put it into Practice

Practical and akill based learning is useless if you do not apply it practically. The best way to absorb the new learning you got is to start using it within 24 hours of your exposure. So, try to inculcate it in your daily routine.

6. Make it a Priority

Many of external circumstances are going to restrain you from new learning. But your desire for learning should come in priority. Once you have decided to make learning a habit, it is up to you whether or not you make it a priority in your life.

7. Be the Learning Seeker

Always seek the opportunity to learn from your surroundings and every source, You can find a lesson from the very minute. An ant trying to walk carrying a sugar cube teaches us a lesson of perseverance. Like this, We can learn from anything but we must carry observant eyes.

Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn