Focus on the solution, not on the problem

Everyone has problems at some point. It’s a normal, if frustrating, part of daily life. However, sometimes these problems feel too hard to handle, too overwhelming, and too big. A good way of addressing this is to focus on the solutions and not the problems themselves.

What does this mean? Often, when we have an issue, we are centered on the issue. We think constantly on how bad and unpleasant it is, or how it messes with our plans and ideas. However, this has several effects.

First, we build the problem up in our minds. It becomes bigger and bigger each time we think about it and, as a result, we feel less capable of solving it. We might get stressed and anxious, even about an issue that will be easily resolved. It causes a lot more worry than it needs to. Additionally, when we focus too much on the problem, it can be difficult to consider a solution.

Instead, you can focus on a solution and achieve better results. It frames the problem as something that can be fixed and improved upon. You can feel a lot calmer and less anxious, because the solution is already present, so you don’t get as stressed. This mindset also encourages you to always look for solutions rather than center your concerns around the problem.

Sometimes, the solution will not be obvious. It might take a bit to discover what to do. But this doesn’t mean you can’t pursue a solution.

In this situation, you can focus on looking for ways out. Imagine what things will be like once the problem is solved and work backwards. Encourage yourself not to give up and remember that a solution will present itself eventually.

Look to the future. There are many new and exciting things waiting there. You don’t have to feel stuck on a problem because new solutions will always manifest themselves.

When you choose to spend your energy on the solution and not on the problem, you are choosing to move forward instead of getting stuck. Even if the solution is not yet obvious, you are focused on it , and you are open to new opportunities, challenges, and ideas that can bring you closer to it.

Any problem has a solution. It might not be obvious or easy, but it exists. Keep your eyes peeled and your mind open to new possible solutions, and they will come to you.