How good weather is beneficial for our mood

Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.

While it might indeed be true that all weather has its positives, some kinds of weather tend to favor our mental health more than others. Our mental health can vary with the weather, and some climates can even contribute to greater happiness.

What’s important to know?

It seems that, in general, we thrive in sunshine and less in colder climates. When there is a lot of darkness and little sun, people feel worse and can even get depressed. Seasonal depression occurs when there is little sun and night comes early.

More sun and warmer temperatures seem to work better for mental health but up to a point. When the heat is extreme and sustained, people can also feel fatigued, irritable, and discontent. In times of heat, there are more incidences of violence. Also, it can be dangerous for people with cardiovascular issues and also those with other health problems.
Other weather can also be positive. Some people love the rain and feel comforted by a soft drizzle outside their window. Others enjoy snow and the refreshing chill of winter.

One common issue with weather and mood is that extreme weather is usually likely to negatively impact a person’s emotional well-being and situation. Extreme storms, rains, heat, blizzards are rarely fun to experience.

But the weather is not something we can control. So what can we do with this information?

Learn more about how your body responds to different kinds of weather. When do you have the most energy? Try to take advantage of the days that best fit your body’s preferences, and take it slower when the weather is set against you.

Also, consider what helps you do better in worse weather. Make sure that even when it’s rainy or gets dark early, you still go outside and get enough sun. If you need supplements or support, change your diet for winter and fall.

Try to find things to enjoy in every weather. After all, climate is not fully in your control, but you can develop a greater awareness of how it affects you and take measures if you need to. Every kind of climate and weather has its things to enjoy and can become a positive contribution to your mood.