Habits vs routine

Our days are often made up of habits that we repeat time and again. This saves time and can work in our favor, but there might come a point when we feel our lives are too monotonous.

However, having strong habits doesn’t mean having a routine that is dull or boring.

Habits make our life easier and can often make our life fun. Habits are what help us achieve our goals and live a life that mostly makes us happy.

Exercising is a habit. Going out with friends is a habit. Creating and making art can also be a habit, and that’s when we can enjoy it the most.

To see results in whatever thing we want to achieve, we need to stick to it for a while. We can’t become good at our jobs without practice, and practice is enabled by habits that make it consistent.

But although we need habits and depend on them, we should not let these habits turn into routines.

What’s the difference between the two?

A routine is rigorous and is not flexible. It does not bring us satisfaction and might instead induce boredom. A routine is something we must do instead of something we want to do.

A routine sucks out the joy of our daily life and makes us more likely to try and avoid it.

Check and see whether you have a routine or if you have healthy habits. When a routine becomes too much, it’s time to add a little flexibility and rewarding tasks and prizes that will help you feel more engaged and less bored.

Habits require consistency, but not monotony. Consider how you can make your routine more varied. What is it lacking? What does it need? What aspects of it are working for you and what are not?

We can easily enjoy the habits of our daily life and, when we do, our whole experience likely becomes happier and more motivating. So take a look at your day-to-day to see what you have: a routine or a set of habits.