How to Change Your Reputation With Other People

A bad first impression or a bad reputation can become huge issues. They can make other people regard you with suspicion or distrust.

A bad reputation can even follow you around and mess up with opportunities in other areas, because sometimes the world is smaller than we like to think.

But, what can you do to address a reputation you want to change? Let’s take a look.

Talk to people who might be upset with you

The first step might not be pleasant, but it can make a huge difference. Sometimes, our reputation is linked to specific people who might or might not have good reasons to be upset. You might not always be able to speak with them, but if you can do so and apologize genuinely, it can make a big difference in how they perceive you.

If there are misunderstandings, these are worth addressing too. Talk to other people about the things that have happened and be open to listening to what they have to say.

Show positive change

The second step beyond talking things through is to show that you are committed to making a change. If you are known as unreliable, try to show your reliability. If you have been careless, showcase that now you can have attention to detail.

It’s worth remembering that it will take a while to change an established reputation. However, most people will be able to accept that you are doing things differently. Have patience and focus on the results that show this new attitude or way of acting.

Seek new people who can support you

There might be times when the well has been poisoned. Maybe you had a lot of difficulties with a specific person, so they are unwilling to see your change.

It can be better to focus your energies not on trying to shift their view by yourself. Instead, try to work more with the people who still have not made their minds up. If new members join your team or your circle, allow them to see a new and better side of yourself.

This can help you shift your reputation in a group with the support of the people who are seeing you in a better light. It’s not about tricking anyone, but about building better relationships with those who can have the chance of knowing you as you are now and who can help others also recognize your change.

Be genuine

There is little use in trying to change a specific reputation when you don’t actually want to change. Instead, try to be genuine about this shift to change your reputation you also have to be willing to change yourself, the foundation for your reputation, your actual behavior.

Focus on your own behavior and try to reach new goals and new ways of being. Your reputation will follow. If you try to shift only your reputation but still have the same behaviors, nobody will believe your change and will doubt any future attempts as well.

Start with yourself! Make a change you want to see reflected on how other people perceive you. If you want to be seen as nice, be nicer. If you want to be seen as reliable, be reliable.

Go the extra mile

Changing a reputation requires a bit more effort than just establishing a reputation. This means that you might need to go the extra mile and take extra efforts in order to show your change. It might imply putting in additional work in helping other people or staying late or doing work with an extra nice quality.

Nobody can always give their 110%, so choose the situations that can have the most impact on your relationships with other people. Try to do your best when you can and putting your work to the best possible use.

Changing your reputation can be difficult. But it is definitely possible for you to achieve this goal, and if you are not satisfied, you can always make an effort to make a shift. Not everyone will be open to seeing you differently, however, many people will accept you doing things in a new and better way and shift their view accordingly.