How to Get Back Your Life Together

Do you feel in control of your life? Often, it seems that it gets away from us. We feel that we do not have things together, that everything seems wrong, not how we wanted. When you realize this, it’s time to fix it. Here is how.

1. Start small

You might feel intimidated by everything you have to tackle. Don’t push yourself too hard or set unrealistic goals. Instead, try to focus on small, achievable goals.

Clean a room, send an email, arrange a meeting. When you focus on goals that are small and can be easily done, you get a boost of motivation when you complete them, which can encourage you to keep going and try other things that

You don’t have to limit your ultimate goals, but focusing on the smaller elements is a great strategy to get started and to build momentum.

2. Do what you have always procrastinated

Now is always a good time to look at all those things you have been putting off. Often, these are the things that matter most to you, but that you have found intimidating. Try to schedule at least one thing that you have wanted to do but that you have procrastinated for a long time. See how it feels to do so and how satisfying it might be to finally check it off the list.

3. Be honest with yourself

You might feel pressured to put on a good front for other people, but there is no reason to lie to yourself. The more honest you can be, the better, because it can help you set the right goals and assess the situation realistically.

Remember that you can always make things better than they are, but it’s important to keep it real. It doesn’t matter if things are bad now, because you can choose to improve, but set yourself straight when it comes to lying. There is no use trying to keep things from yourself or pretend stuff is better than it is. Just face the situation as it is and start from there.

4. Take action

You might need to plan, but this is not the time to focus on planning and thinking. Instead, it is time to get up and take action. You might create good ideas, and they will not matter unless you put them in practice.

Find the smallest possible action to move you forward and take it – it will be very helpful to see that you can make a change.

Even a small step is better than just a thought or an idea or an ambitious plan. Try to start doing things as soon as you can.

5. Accept your responsibility

Nobody else can do these things for you. Nobody else can take the responsibility for your situation. It can feel intimidating and scary to accept that your responsibility is yours alone, but it can also be freeing.

Allow yourself to be the one in charge, because that gives you the freedom to try and to make mistakes and to accomplish things you never thought possible. You can do it when you feel in control of your life and your decisions.

Remember that your life is only your responsibility. It’s fair to acknowledge that some factors are beyond you and depend on luck or chance. But at the same time, the more in control you feel, the more motivated you will be to make changes. You can change your behavior and your situation. You can make a difference in your life.

6. Celebrate your accomplishments

To get your life back together, you need to feel motivated. For this, you should track your progress to keep your motivation up and to see the real difference that your actions are having.

Even if the progress seems small, if it is significant for you, acknowledge it and celebrate what you did. Did you manage to clean a kitchen that has been dirty for weeks? Great! Did you finally make that appointment? Excellent.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a small step in the right direction. What matters is that it happened and that you can feel satisfied with your progress. You will get to bigger things eventually. Start by celebrating the small things.

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