How to Train Your Brain to Crave Lifelong Learning (And Why It’s Good)

The more we do something and notice the benefits of doing that something, the more apter we are to do it again and again. Enter a habit. Training our brains to crave learning is no different.

Here are some simple ways to begin to train your brain to crave lifelong learning:

1. Create an objective for your learning.

That may sound funny, but it truly does help to have an objective in mind.

For example, maybe your objective is to reduce your stress levels or find different ways to relax.

Having an objective not only makes the learning beneficial but gives it a purpose.

2. Start small.

If lifelong learning has not been your “thing”, trying to eat this learning elephant in one bite makes it more difficult to stick with. It helps to break down the learning into bite-sized pieces.

For example, instead of trying to read a certain number of pages in a book every day, why not start with 15 minutes, two or three times a week?

After you have cemented that small habit into place, you can then add to it.

3. Make it fun.

If learning is a chore or becomes a chore, the act of doing it obviously decreases. Have some fun with your learning.

For example, for every new learning opportunity you take, give yourself some “props”. Give yourself a gold star. Make learning a game.

Whatever is going to make learning fun for you, make sure to engage the fun!

The keys to benefiting from lifelong learning are to:

• Set your objective for learning. When there is a purpose behind the learning, the learning becomes more compelling.

• Start small, in bite-sized pieces.

• Make it fun. Choosing the topics that most interest you and the way in which you want to learn what best suits you.