Importance of Stability in life

Many people say they want stability in life, but each of us can define it differently. For some, stability involves having a lot of money, for others, a career, but when we talk about stability, we need to focus on emotional stability as well.

This type of stability means that you can feel comfortable with your life, that you have a purpose, that the process of living your experience every day works for you.

Do you feel satisfied with your life? Do you feel comfortable with your routines, your work, your relationships?

Stability means that you feel satisfied with what you have. You might want more, but you perceive your current situation to be OK, to be workable, to provide you comfort and satisfaction. It provides fulfillment.

Consider the main areas of your life – your work, your relationships, and your current situation. If you are in a relationship that is hurting you or full of conflict, you do not have stability.

If you are constantly stressed and upset at work, you do not have stability.

A state of constant stress is not sustainable. When this is what is happening, we might need to take a step back and think.
Sometimes, quitting is the right choice. If we are always under fire and stress and pressure, we can’t achieve any kind of stability. Even if the situation brings us money, that is often not enough. We need to find fulfillment and tranquility as well.

Being satisfied with what you have doesn’t mean never seeking more. Instead, it empowers us to seek out our goals in a more effective way. It means that we are not just living for tomorrow, but also for the here and now. You need to enjoy the process of living – if you don’t, then what’s the point?

You get one life and each moment is not going to repeat itself. The future won’t bring you more happiness unless you learn how to find it at the moment.

Make sure your day-to-day is working for you and providing you with what you need to say you are living a good life.

Ask yourself – What will make you satisfied? What will truly bring you stability? Has there ever been a point where you felt stability or are you just seeking it now?

Consider that you can always try to attain it – you just need to make sure you are pursuing the right goals. Ask yourself this, too: are your current goals aligned with the stability you want in life?