Just DO It

Planning and thinking are two useful things, unless everything we do is planning and thinking. If our objectives never become real, what we need is to take action. Sometimes DO IT is the best advice we can take, and here are a few solutions for how you can take this advice.

Decide what you truly want to try, DO IT

You need to have a general idea about what you want. Often, these are things you have been considering for some time: finding a new career, ending a relationship, getting out of a bad workplace, or discovering a new hobby. But what stops us from acting is that we are, kind of, fine where we are.

Even if your life seems perfect, you are not obligated to keep it like it is. You might feel differently, whether you’re dissatisfied, bored, or just itching for a new challenge. If you want something and know what you want, go for it. You don’t have to wait for things to get bad or change, you can make the decision to see where you go.

Conditions might not be perfect, but DO IT

One common thing we all do is wait until or wait for a specific situation to happen. We might wait till the new year, until Monday, until we have the money or the time. But those conditions could never happen or, at least, they are unlikely to ever happen as you imagine. There’s always something to hold you back, another demand on your time and energy, a feeling of fatigue or an emergency.

You should do it now if the situation permits, rather than wait for conditions to be perfect. They never will be. If you are looking for reasons not to do something, they will always be there. But if you want to start, you can start today. Take a small step, but do it.

You will never have less responsibility than today, so DO IT

Responsibility is something that you will have more of as time goes on. If you don’t have kids, you might. If you have no partner, you might get one. Sure, your kids might also grow older, but then, you could also get grandchildren or a new job or your own business. Your responsibilities are likely to increase with age, and this can also make you re-evaluate just how many obligations you used to have.

The idea might bring you down, however, it also means that you are likely to have a richer life, with more connections and with higher positions. But if you want to add another powerful element to your life, don’t wait until later. Later, it’s likely to be harder.

You will never be 100% confident, so DO IT

You may be feeling a little insecure. Maybe you don’t feel all that ready to start a new business or take a new course. But waiting won’t solve this. You might never get to a point where you are completely comfortable, and this doesn’t need to stop you.

Having doubts is normal. You need to consider the consequences of what you will do, after all. But if you feel insecure and unwilling to act, you might be limiting yourself too much. Let go of the idea that you need to feel totally confident to take a risk, otherwise, you might never do it.

You can keep planning as you work, so DO IT

Plans change, because the world is also changeable. You can’t predict everything, which can be frustrating. However, this also means that you get the chance to go step by step. You don’t have to have everything mapped out. Instead, you can take a step and adjust your course of action accordingly.

Take the first step that is in front of you. Then, you can think if it worked and plan the next one. But do act, as it will give you valuable information and make your plans better.

You will learn by doing, so DO IT

Doing can provide you the opportunity to learn. You can’t learn to swim by sitting near the pool and watching others. You have to go in or you will never be prepared otherwise. If you wait until you are ready to start, you will lose out on opportunities to improve and do better, to learn by actually doing, to make mistakes that will help you improve.

Instead of sitting by the pool, dive in. Just make sure you’re not going to drown. Once you do, all the learning you need and want will be there for the taking.