Key Reminders for Your Journey Beyond Failure

As you work on building momentum along your journey beyond this failed attempt, it’s important that you keep a few things in mind that will help you gain further clarity on this journey:

Focus on Solutions

After a failed attempt it’s always tempting to focus on the failure and get bogged down in the mistakes that you just made. However, this is no time to begin regretting what just happened. If you want to get out of this mess, you must begin focusing on solutions that can help you to adjust your approach the next time around.

Focusing on solutions is easiest when you stay mindful of the present moment. Solutions are found at this very moment, and not in the past or the future. Yes, of course, learn from the past and plan into the future, but look for solutions in the present moment.

Adapt Your Approach

If something is not working, then it’s possible you are not doing it right, or simply don’t have the necessary skills, support, tools, knowledge or resources at your disposal to get through this successfully. You must immediately become aware of this and adapt your approach accordingly. Ask yourself:

How else could this be done?

The more flexible you are in thought and action, the better decisions you will make when things appear to be going nowhere.

Cultivate a Solution-Oriented Creative Mindset

As you make progress along this journey, it’s absolutely critical that you keep your mind in peak condition. Your mindset must be primed and ready to think creatively and to take advantage of opportunities that may come your way.

A solution-oriented creative mindset is courageous, patient, determined, optimistic and grateful. However, probably most importantly, it’s playful — willing to play, be silly and laugh at itself. Yes, you’re dealing with a serious problem, but often the best way to overcome problems is to learn to be playful. This will help you relax while opening up your imagination to endless possibilities.

Keep Things Simple

The moment you begin complicating things is the moment you will get lost in all the details. And it is these details that will dishearten you and destroy any motivation you had. Just keep things simple and straightforward. Even if you have a complicated problem, it’s often a simple solution that will provide you with the answers you seek.

Re-evaluate Outcomes and Decisions

As you move along your journey beyond this failure, it’s important that you consistently re-evaluate your outcomes and decisions. By taking the time to contemplate how you’re doing and where you’re going, will help you to better clarify the path moving forward.