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Importance of Being on Time.

Be on Time
Etiquette has changed a lot in the last decades, but some rules have remained the same, even if many people choose to disregard them. One of the most important rules is being on time. Why does it matter so much?…

Why you should Seek what you Love

Seek what you love
Why you should Seek what you love Saying that you need to seek what you love is a bit of a cliche, but just because it’s a cliche doesn’t mean it’s not true. We thrive when we get the opportunity…

How to take Feedback at work Positively

Feedback at work Positively
It’s not easy to accept constructive criticism in the workplace without feeling negative about your performance or the person who has given you the feedback. When we feel threatened and work, it often causes us to feel targeted or even…

How to Develop a Growth mindset

Develop a Growth mindset
They say, “Once your mindset changes, everything around you would drastically change along with it.” So, what is the mindset? Mindset is a set of attitudes that are held or established by someone. Each and every human being has a…

A Good Reader Makes a Good Leader

Good Leader
Knowledge is power, that is something everyone should know. The more you know, the more power you will have. The knowledge which you have accumulated by reading can come to your assistance at the most unexpected times. It can make…