Practice the Action Habit

Why practicing action habits matter?

Nothing comes with ease in this life. We have to work hard to thrive and survive in this life. To have a more fulfilling, happier and healthy life, we should know what we need to do with our lives. To achieve our goals, we need to be motivated and take action to accomplish it instead of remaining stagnant and doing nothing.

Generally, we are biologically wired to avoid the pain that makes us hard to be consistent in taking actions, especially on hard things. “The desire to avoid pain is a greater motivator than the desire to obtain pleasure”- Tony Robbins

How to practice action habits?

If you are looking for the method to create and practice the action habit, here’s what you need to do:

Put it in writing

There must be thousands of things you want to do in your life and thinking about all of them at once can be quite overwhelming and stressful at the same time. Pick some of the positive actions that you’ve been planning in your present situation and focus on them. Take a piece of paper or journal and write down a list of things that are clicking your current state of mind.

Break it down

Once you’ve made the list of most important things, you want to do in your present, mark the top 3 things that you prioritize among the list. Focus on what feels most important and crucial to you right now?

Focus on doing, not avoiding

Once you’ve decided to take action for one most important thing in the list, prepare yourself to get moving with it. Focus on doing what you need to do by taking small baby steps and making things done easily for you. If you feel like procrastination or any other factor is coming your way of action habit, you can practice some of these ways to avoid or overcome it:

• Block out distractions

• Become more self-aware and motivate yourself by saying “you have to get started.”

• Reward your baby steps for taking the action

• Optimize your environment

Look at the bright side

Negative factors always find a way to sneak into our lives and shake us to the core. It makes us fearful of the outcomes and makes us rethink over and over again before taking the actions. But, all you need to do is stay focused and motivated to get over the dark clouds that might be hovering over.

When you look at the bright side after taking the action that you will achieve, this thought will attract more positives around you. A positive mind will pull you out of the setback fears and will motivate you to develop action habits. As it is said, “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.” –Willie Nelson

How to include action habits in daily life?

To include action habit in your everyday life here’s what you need to do

Focus on the process

Instead of becoming upset or taking responsibility for the results, just focus on the process while you’re taking action. Keep your attention and energy focused on one target and direction to perform better.

Remember the reason for taking action

Always remember why you are going to take action and how is it going to benefit you or your significant others and how it matters to you. Don’t lose the track and stay focused on your action.

Don’t hurt yourself

Don’t overdo anything and take action for what makes you feel right for yourself and your self-esteem. Do things such as being kind, effective, and that makes you feel good.

Take smaller steps

If someday you feel like the bigger tasks seem daunting and you don’t feel like doing them even though they are important, start by taking small steps. You can spend the minimum time on such tasks that just keep you moving instead of being standstill.

Appreciate yourself

You feel good about yourself and your life when you appreciate your good work. You can strengthen your action habit by rewarding your everyday efforts and appreciate what you did.