Pursuing Future Happiness is ‘SUFFERING’

“Stop acting as if life is a rehearsal. Live this day as if it were your last. The past is over and gone. The future is not guaranteed”

Wayne Dyer

To pursue the real happiness, you must follow one rule in life, and that is living in the moment. It is human nature to overthink the next time while sacrificing the present for that imagined thing.

You do not know that what will come to you in the future, so it is a complete waste of time to think always of a “happy future” as it eludes the person’s happiness.

Instead of pursuing future happiness, you must experience it by living in the present as the thoughts of the future will leave you with nothing but suffering.

Start Living in Present

Living in the present is the only way to separate yourself from the suffering and anxiety which may come to you while you are overthinking about the future. It is good to make efforts to achieve your goals or to make your future bright, but you should not compromise your present moments, which won’t come back and may become regret of the past.

The present is precious, and you must not spoil it while planning and thinking all the time about the coming days about which you do not precisely know.

Stop Worrying about the things you do not know

Who knows about the future? No one, but God. Humans feel worried about what will be done in the future or how to get certain things. They start overwhelmed by the things about which they are not sure, and this is an entirely false approach towards life.

People usually ask, “what if it happens,” which leaves them in a state of anxiety and worry. Do not allow yourself to be caught soo much in your future that you leave to enjoy your current life. Recognize the fact that the real truth is your present, and you shouldn’t waste it by visualizing or worrying about the future.

Maintain your Focus in Present

Your focus in your current time is very much essential to be happy and contented in life. You cannot guarantee future happiness by always planing about that or overthinking as it will spoil your current performance and focus on life.

You may not be able to maintain your productivity because of the lack of focus. Shift your thoughts from “what might happen” to the “what is happening” and live a life full of pleasures.

Be More Confident

Living in the present by leaving the pursue of future happiness behind gives you more confidence and self-awareness. It gives you a complete lense through which you can see things more accurately and positively instead of sitting and imagining the future happenings, which are of no use in the current time.

The recognition of present importance and value will make you a more appreciated, confident, and inspirational person; however, and the stress feelings can also be avoided very well.

Feel Free and Hopefull

A free and hopeful person is always a happier one than the one who feels disappointed and trapped all the time. This disappointment comes with the pursue of future happiness or the worries we attach with the next time.

Keep your future goal in mind, struggle for it, but do not overthink it by making so many expectations as it may take you towards suffering. Free yourself from all such worries and hopes and be hopeful and thankful for what is coming to you.

Plan the Future without compromising the happiness of today

Future planning is a good thing, but only when you do not get it entirely over you that you completely forget about your present. Imagining or pursuing future happiness is not worthy enough that you compromise all the pleasure of today while thinking about them.

The present moments and people are so precious, and you must not waste these moments while attaching all your hopes with the future without enjoying what you have today.