Credit Doesn’t Matter. Appreciate your Own Self.

“It is amazing how much you can accomplish when it doesn’t matter who gets the credit” – Harry S. Truman.

We are craving for credits and recognition either in our professional or personal life for our hard work and accomplishment. In reality, these credits are nothing but a matter of our ego’s satisfaction. Our excellent and productive performance is all we need to do without looking for appreciation or credits from others.

Do not allow others to make you feel happy or sad through their credits and try to be satisfied with your work by trying to improve it every day. Brilliant people never look at others for the praise and applause as they know that what they did is worthy even without the approval of others.

Let go of the price and focus on work

Remember that the work which you have done for the price of credit cannot earn you much respect or success. Those who keep their eye on the outcome or credit cannot focus on their work while their creativity fades down.

This is a wrong attitude, and people must understand that your work must be recognized by your efforts and achievement and not by the credits of others.

So do not think or crave for other’s approval and show your 100% in your work.

Focus on Gaining Knowledge

Every day is a source of gaining knowledge and information about various things. People who work for credits cannot focus entirely on their purpose while showing a lack of proficiency in their work.

If you are sure that you are performing well, then leave the trouble of credits and approvals as it will leave you with nothing but anxiety.

Try to do all your work with the focus that you will learn something new and productive with each of your passing days, and it will increase your knowledge instead of ego.

Be Honest with Yourself

If you want to say goodbye to the credits and approvals from others, be honest with you and your work. When you become honest, the urge to seek recognition from people will be no more. You will start feeling good about yourself, hard work, and achievements as you do all this with good intentions without getting the temporary or so-called appreciation from others. This honesty will make you true to yourself.

Do not waste your efforts and time for credits

Most of the people accept the tasks and make commitments even if they are not sure about doing that on time. They do this to gain a good reputation and credits from others about their hard work and generosity, but this is the thing that can lead you towards a bad situation.

Take a considerable time to think before saying yes to any commitment or task, and if you find it convenient, then say yes, otherwise apologize for it.

Accept yourself

Self-acceptance is a great way which leads you towards the success and brilliance instead of approval from others. The credits may give you momentary satisfaction, but this cannot earn you real victory and knowledge.

Accept your flaws and do not waste time to appear as a brilliant person; instead of this, make efforts and be the successful man in the real sense that has nothing to do with the credits but just with the hard work, honesty, and excellent performance.

Appreciate your own self

“Do not wait for approval; don’t forget to appreciate the beauties of your life.”

The credit-seeking behavior will give you nothing but a feeling of stress and a lack of confidence all the time. Instead of this, if you learn to appreciate your efforts on your own in a positive way, you will be able to perform even better in all fields of your life.

This appreciation is actually a form of self-recognition which is far better than the credits from others which have no value in actual.