See Yourself As You Really Are

Knowing yourself is all about self-awareness with an open mind, is the core element in building one’s personality. We have become so busy that we find it hard to spare some moments to slow down and contemplate ourselves. This self-reflection is essential as it will show your connection with your self and brings much positivity. You need to make this activity a part of your everyday routine for many reasons.

Kelly Rowland says so true: “Self-reflection is so healthy. When I record the details of what I’m going through, whether it’s a relationship issue or negative thoughts, I can look back and see how far I’ve come. It makes me proud to see my progress and how I got through a bad situation.”

So, what are the ways through which you see yourself who you really are? Here are some effective steps!

Don’t lie to yourself

Above all, be true to you! Lying to your self and listen to these lies can encounter you with a confusing situation in which you can not recognize the truth around and within yourself. At the start, it is easy to make follow a certain track by making you believe that whatever you are doing is right, even if it is wrong.

You may lie for the sake of comfort, but actually, it is a kind of betrayal. Face the things as they are and acknowledge yourself. Listen to your gut feelings and recognize authenticity within you, which will lead towards a satisfying life.

Know your strengths and weakness

You cannot accomplish a high position in life until or unless you are fully aware not only about your strengths but also weaknesses. It is the core element to be a strong and successful person. Wither your social, personal, or professional skills, you need to have an evaluative mind and eye to see that where you need improvement and what are those strengths in you, which can open the door of new opportunities for you.

Think that what others compliment about your skills, habits, and personality and consider those comments as a critique to test your personality. Stick to your good attributes or strengths which represent you in the crown and try to overcome your weak points and address them.

Accept your flaws

Every human possesses flaws, and no one can claim that he/she hasn’t any! A human is an amalgamation of some good attributes; however, some negative aspects are also present, and there is nothing unusual in it. The actual accomplishment is when you have the strength to accept these flaws, you will find your way to a real achievement.

Find out that who you are by figuring out by analyzing that at what things you are not good, what others complain about you, and most importantly, what you think is wrong in yourself, which should be changed or improved. All this analyzing will let you able to make your flaws your strengths by challenging them. Set some good role models and try to fight with these flaws steadily.

Find your passions

Believing in your passion and then following it is not something very easy, but it can lead towards true recognition of yourself. Your passion is formulated with your instincts through which you find real happiness in doing a certain task, either in your personal, professional, or social life.

Do not let the others decide for you anything. Instead of listening to others, listen to your inner voice. You must go for the things in which you find satisfaction, happiness, and comfort. More you follow this passion towards life and other matters; more you will be able to understand your true self in a significant manner; however, you will feel more passionate to accomplish the work in which your passion includes.

Stop Competitions

If you want to know who you are, stop competing with others. It is human nature that he always wants to achieve higher than its competitors and remain in stress because of this. Do not let yourself indulge in this situation by avoiding your comparison with others. Do not worry about what others have or do better than you.

Instead of this, concentrate on your journey and try to accomplish things for your happiness, not to beat others. It will bring huge positivity in your life as well as in your personality.

Be real

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” (E.E Cummings)

Keep yourself away from the double standards and be real. Do not avoid or buried your true self for the sake of momentary gratification or approvals, as this will leave you with nothing.

Changing to gain temporary likeness cannot give you real satisfaction. True happiness is attached only with the expression of your true self without pretending. Be your own master, and stop trying to be the one who you are not in actual.