Signs that you are Growing

Growing is a lifelong process that some people sabotage. We can resist growing up and becoming more mature, and when we do, we tend to limit our lives and the development of our potential. Here are the signs that show that you are actually growing and not getting stuck in the process.

You let the small things go

The first sign of maturity is letting the small things go. You don’t get angry over a mistake in your order or a tiny detail that didn’t go as you planned. Often, we see how badly people look when they get overly upset due to small situations, thanks to the Internet, and we can learn not to do the same. However, being able to let go and manage a problem constructively or letting something small go is a trait that shows maturity.

If you struggle with this, try to put things in perspective. Do you want to ruin a whole day of your life because someone forget to put ketchup on your fries? Second, consider practicing empathy for the person in front of you. Have they hurt you bad enough that they deserve the full brunt of your rage? Are they in a less privileged position? Third, ask yourself if the consequences are worth it. If you get angry and show it, you can negatively affect other people, hurt someone, or hurt your own reputation. Save your anger for the things that merit it.

You start forgiving and understanding other people

When we are young, we are often unforgiving and uncompromising. While there is a place for this kind of attitude and it can be important in some causes, often it also makes us rigid. As we mature, we are better able to understand the world beyond black and white.

Becoming more understanding, empathetic, and willing to empathize is a sign of strength, not weakness. It enables us to look beyond the obvious and let go of simple judgments. We begin to understand better that others have complex lives and personalities, and so we become more willing to forgive their missteps.

You stop wasting time on toxic people

Just as we recognize that others are complex and are more willing to forgive those going through a hard time, we also recognize that some people are not going to change. If others hurt us, we set our boundaries and decide our distance.

Toxic people are those we don’t want in our lives anymore. It’s important to recognize those who often act to harm us and stop wasting time and energy. We might not cut them entirely, however, we should start giving them less time and fewer opportunities to mess with our lives.

You go with the flow

Immature and mature people can both have plans for their lives. But only those who are mature recognize that life is not predictable and one must go with the flow. Immature people get frustrated and shut down when their plans don’t work out. Mature people learn to go with the flow and adapt as things happen.

Going with the flow might seem easier, but often it’s about knowing when to stop fighting the current. It’s about taking the opportunities in front of you and not holding out for chances that might never come. This doesn’t mean you should forget making plans, however, it’s worth remembering that no plan survives in reality as intended.

You always complete things that matter

Mature people know when to give up, because their energy is not going to a good use for their energy or resources. Instead, they focus on completing things that matter. They keep their promises and honor their commitments.

Some projects might not be worth it, but becoming more grown up means recognizing that we have to finish things for their own sake or for others, even if our motivation wanes. As adults, we are able to stick with something and see it through to the end when necessary.

You accept the possibility of being wrong

Mature people appear more confident, however, they are not overconfident. They are always able to accept the possibility that they are wrong, that they don’t know something, because there is always more to learn.

Being mature is knowing that you are always growing up. You are never done learning and developing. This means that you don’t set yourself up as the ultimate authority. Rather, you open your mind to other ideas and new possibilities.