Simple Habits to Overcome Nervousness

Not properly prepared

Haile Gebrselassie was quoted as saying, if I don’t train enough, of course, I’m nervous. When people are unprepared, this can result in an inner trembling and feelings of incompetence. This can quickly escalate into a situation full of pressure. Such inner pressure is going to lead to outward manifestations such as a shaking of hand or foot.

Any resemblance of inner calm which you might have possessed is immediately lost. When you lose the inner peace, it opens the door for that debilitating feeling of nervousness. There are many things which can bring about that awful nervousness.

It can be the first date with that awesome person. It may also be a critical presentation at school or that meeting at work.

Dealing with nervousness

How can the situation be approached? You can capitulate, make a stupid excuse and cancel or you can bite on your teeth and press through with that meeting or date even though you know it will not be your best performance.

Either of those two options is available, and there is a long list of people who have experienced both scenarios more times than they care to remember. There is a better way, and that is to develop habits and find strategies that will make it possible to remain confident.

Calm yourself

Take one step back before you commit yourself to that situation about which you are so nervous. Just take your time and walk slower on your way to the agreed meeting place. If necessary, interrupt your journey for a moment and do window shopping or anything else that can temporarily divert your attention.

Now proceed by breathing through your nose and do so by taking slightly deeper breaths than normal. The oxygen must reach your belly, breathe in deeply. Do not let it stop at chest level because this is the region where stress and nervousness originate. Just continue breathing in this way for a couple of minutes and remember only breath through your nose. Like many other people who have used this strategy, you will find that you will start to calm down.

Soon you will be able to think and reason logically. Being able to gather your wits can help you to focus on what needs to be done and not to be limited by past failures. Overcome nervousness by repeating the above steps whenever necessary.

Making use of visualization

Many people defeat themselves by always harboring negative thoughts and visualizations in their minds. They will play out how the meeting will go in their minds, mostly in a negative way, and this will always make them nervous. This is why negative thinking should best be avoided when a particularly challenging situation is due.

Make a quality decision to do things differently this time to successfully overcome nervousness. Just make yourself comfortable by sitting in your favorite chair or lying in your bed and close your eyes. Now visualize how special and amazing the future event will be. Both hear and see how everything is playing out and especially make sure that you experience how amazing you will be feeling at this event.

In your mind’s eye, see yourself as being extremely open, positive, with a huge smile plastered to your face and having the best time of your life. Visualize the outstanding outcome which you would like to see on this particular evening.

Tighten the lid

The next step is very important because here you have to visualize that the extraordinary success has already been accomplished and that the meeting has been concluded with the desired result. You will be amazed at how extremely effective this can be.

This is the perfect way to prepare yourself and to ensure that you are confident and relaxed before you get to your meeting. This has been proven to be the most effective way to overcome nervousness.

Don’t think about results

It is challenging to remain calm and composed when everyone expects results. However, when the issue of results is taken out of the picture then the nervousness is also eliminated because these two factors go hand in hand.

When you are continually expected to perform at a high level, especially when you are new to that task, then naturally, this can result in nervousness. Therefore, do not focus on obtaining the results; just focus on doing the job as well as you possibly can, and the results will follow naturally.

Maintain close relationships

Seek out those people with whom you are comfortable and to whom you are feeling close. Such people will not be a threat to you because they are on your side, and they will always be the ones that motivate you. This is why you should take the time to frequently speak to those people whom you are close to and share your problems and expectations with them.

This can help to provide you with a fresh perspective, and you will be able to look at things in a new way. Frequent discussions with those who are close to you can be highly motivating and can help you even to accomplish those things which you previously thought to be impossible.