Stop Expecting from Others

Expectations are natural. However, they can do a lot of damage to ourselves and others. Expectations form a wall that limits what we can accept and what others can give us.

When we expect from others, we force others to focus on us, on what we need, want, and desire. It can put pressure on others and make us push them towards this desired behavior.

This can lead to many disappointments because we perceive that others are not fulfilling these expectations. We might feel frustrated, as reality doesn’t shape itself to our expectations. But we also start affecting other people.

We might put pressure on other people, condition them to act in a certain way or another. We push them in specific directions. But when we do, we can hinder their own growth, without realizing or meaning to.

When people focus on their own goals and ideals, they might achieve more. They might pursue things with a passion that will rarely appear when they are pushed.

We might feel like we know better, but that’s not always true. Instead, we might be leading the person in the wrong direction, away from what will most benefit them. It can breed resentment, frustration, and disappointment. People might regret our interference, no matter what our intentions are.

Instead, we should let go of our expectations for what other people will do and how they will do it. We should let everyone go on their own journey and not feel like our ideas should be accommodated in every situation.

Letting go of expectations can be hard. We might be used to doing things a certain way. But it’s also very liberating. It can empower us to build better, more equal relationships.

We no longer have to feel unnecessary frustration. We no longer have to feel disappointed with others for self-imposed reasons.

Instead, we are free to pursue a relationship with a person where we see them for who they are and respect their unique selves. We can make choices that are not constrained by limitations that we anticipate.

Expectations can damage our relationships and make us feel as if something is wrong when it isn’t. Let go of expectations for a life that is free and fulfilling.