The Importance of Appreciating Others

One of the most important things we will have in life is the relationships with other people. Some need only family; some only want a romantic partner, and others might desire a large social circle, but everybody needs at least one person with whom they have a deep relationship, who supports them, and who can be counted upon.

However, relationships are not like material things. We can’t just buy a friend and have them. We need to cultivate that relationship and make a continued effort to support it, and nothing helps more than learning to appreciate the people around us. This is also true professionally.

Our professional success is based in large part on how successful we are at building networks and interacting with our coworkers or management or employees. By learning to appreciate others, we can create stronger professional networks and advance in our careers.

Appreciate the people who provide services for you

The first step to cultivating gratitude is appreciating those who serve and help you every day. Whether it’s the cleaner in your home or the cashier at the store or the courier who brings you a package, it’s important to be kind to these people and recognize their services.

It will help you view relationships as something that requires work and also give you a way of practicing gratitude every day until it’s a natural part of who you are.

Others will try harder

When we appreciate others, they notice it and try harder next time. We all respond to the appreciation people show, which motivates us to do better for their sake. For example, if you notice and compliment the efforts your employee or colleague has put into a task, the next time, they are more likely to do a good job because they know you care.

Few things are as demotivating as working hard and not receiving any feedback, no gratitude, but gratitude inspires us to do better and make an effort when we do receive it.

It doesn’t take much to make others feel important

Gratitude does not have to be a big, showy thing. You should not throw others a parade or buy them flowers. It can be expressed through small but meaningful gestures that help others feel big.

Say that you are grateful and mention something specific that they did. Try to notice the efforts others have put into a task. When you feel satisfied or happy with something, say it!

Spreading the goodwill around takes only a couple of minutes of effort, but the effects can ripple and become huge.

Small gestures of appreciation can make someone’s day

An amazing thing about gratitude is that it costs us nothing and just requires a small effort. But that small effort can ripple through and really turn someone’s day around.

A gesture of appreciation can make other people’s day brighter and happier, so, in turn, they might be more inclined to do the same for another person.

Also, it will make your day happier too! Showing gratitude is as rewarding as receiving it.

Recognize the value of the people in your life

It’s easy to take things for granted, and even easier to take people for granted. We often neglect our relationships with the people closest to us because we think they will always be there or because we are so used to them, we stop seeing their value.

Instead, you should remind yourself periodically of how amazing the people around you are, of everything they have done for you, and that you definitely have reasons to be grateful for those around you.

You create a positive environment through gratitude

Showing gratitude to those around you creates a positive atmosphere. It is something that makes people happier and more inclined to pass it on, so your small gesture of appreciation ripples through for more positivity.

When you show, you appreciate people around you, the environment changes. It becomes more pleasant to work there, live there, or do other things because it changes the culture around you. It makes the world a better place to live in.

When you commit to appreciation, your life becomes richer, full of color, and more satisfying. You are likely to find yourself much happier than you used to be, and you’ll see great improvements in your relationships.

Give it a go, and you are sure to find appreciation valuable.