What to say after you say HELLO?

“Before you start a conversation, learn how to do it.”

In this life, we daily meet up new people as we are living in a developing country where everyone is out of home now to serve their part. Meeting up new people is a task. There are people with different types and natures. When you go out, you see and meet different persons who are even strangers to you.

Some are introvert, some are extrovert, some are rude, and some are jolly. It’s also not possible not to talk to anyone you meet because communication is in human nature.

Now, the question is what to say after you say HELLO to the persons you meet, how to start a conversation and get along. We will here discuss a few points to make your communications easy with your new persons.

1. Keep it simple

The best way to start a conversation is to begin. At first, you don’t know the people you come across. You hesitate, and they hesitate as well, so make it simple. Start with short and easy questions so that both persons that are interacting could feel relaxed and comfortable.

Questions must be like

⦁ How do you do?

⦁ What you up too?

⦁ Are you from work

When you start with such simple and easy questions, it breaks the initial wall of hesitation between the two persons, and they must be able to talk more in a comfortable manner.

2. Don’t be personal

When interacting with a person very first time, don’t be personal at once. It can make people insecure, and they can get offended because most people don’t want to discuss their personal life.

So when they are asked any personal thing, they become a reserve, and the communication is then stopped. So, avoid asking a personal question and try to keep your conversation lighter.

3. Start with praising

Its human nature that a proper compliment by someone always attracts him or her. It is the best way to start a conversation with anyone. A simple compliment can make the environment comfortable and lighter. You can compliment someone regarding their dress, pouch, shoes, hairs, personality, etc.

When you compliment someone, it automatically softens the other person’s heart. When you give a compliment, you will get it back, and hence, it gives way to a friendly communication between people.

4. Sports and politics

One of the best ways to start a conversation is to discuss the vast topics. The best one is sports and politics. People love to discuss politics and sports. Its a source of gossips for them. They can happily talk for hours on politics, although they aren’t a part of it.

So to enlarge your discussion you can talk about different kinds of national and international sports, politics, their importance and role in the country. Once you start over it, then the conversations will go in hours.

5. Show Courtesy and kindness

The last but not the least thing you can do with the people you meet the first time or the people you work with is to show courtesy and to be kind, i.e., are you sitting fine? If you need something, Please take first, Thankyou!, so nice of you, etc. These are the attributes that can force the other person to trust you and to be in a good conversation with you with comfortable attire.

Show your courtesy to your friends, professional colleagues, and to anyone you meet because it costs nothing.

6. Make others feel Comfortable

When you say hello to someone, try to maintain the comfort communication between you and other people so that a more productive conversation can be made. Be polite, and your talking tone must be welcoming and friendly so that the other person finds it easy to talk with you about some issues.

So, these are some of how you can communicate to the people after interacting with a first Hello, because you can work well only if you are in a comfortable mood and environment, and communication with each other is the best way to do so.